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The Solution

Abby: "Calabasas is the Jersey Shore of Los Angeles!"
Ray: "And you are the Carmela of Showtime. Please, please stop shrieking."
Abby: "Why so sad? Is it because your mentor's wife is dead and he's in mourning and also, as it turns out, losing his fucking mind?"
Ray: "That is actually why I am sad, yes. Also because you are a harridan."


Ray: "Ezra brought me out here. If it weren't for him -- and Lee, begrudgingly -- we wouldn't be here, or have all this. He's the most important person in my life right now."
Abby: "[Bitching, always; this time about that.]"
Ray, verbatim: "Shut the fuck up."

They both laugh. She does not reflect well on him. And it's a bummer because I loved her so much on Caprica and then you come to just dread whenever she shows up here. But spoiler again: She gets her moment in a couple episodes, and you realize the whole thing -- her social climbing, her Southie self-hatred, her distrust and grudging affection for Ray, even her desire to connect with Mickey -- is totally worthwhile, way bigger than this cartoon bitch in the pilot and actually pretty compelling, and then she's a lot easier to take. Her internal life is more interesting than almost anybody else's, except maybe Terry or Ray, and again: Focus on the acting, because it's by far the thing this show has going for it. The show could be five times as dumb as it is and that would still make it worth watching.


Lee: "Welcome to the funeral for the wife of a person we are constantly in competition for. Allow me to quickly make fun of your living in Calabasas, home to people like Sinbad and Howie Mandel. Maybe this pilot was written six years ago and that's why it's like this."

We finally get to meet Ezra Goodman, who in addition to his surname is also played by Elliott Gould, which is kind of all you need to know. I mean, not to say that Elliott Gould isn't a fine actor, give me a break of course he is, but you don't fuck around casting Elliott Gould. He's like the old-man version of Jennifer Lawrence: Not liking him means you only have to meet one other criterion before being diagnosed with a personality disorder. Sometimes it's okay to be a joiner, you don't have to be special all the time.

To Abby: "I love you, Ruthie loved you."

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