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Mickey Donovan went to jail for twenty years for murder. But it wasn't a murder he actually himself did, and it wasn't actually for twenty years: Turns out it only lasted fifteen, which is going to be a surprise for his son Ray Donovan, who I think engineered the framing of things in the first place. Mickey has done a lot more than just this one crime, and he is big trouble, but he's not all bad. (He might secretly be all bad.)

In that fifteen years, though, Ray has married a sort of harpy, had two kids, and gotten himself a mentor, an LA lawyer named Ezra Goodman who's recently ceded management largely to his partner, Lee Drexler. Ezra is played by Elliott Gould, so you know you are supposed to adore him; Lee Drexler is played by Taub from House and is therefore the worst human being the world has to offer. Either one of them considered alone would come off pretty crude -- counting their shekels and circumcising everybody all the time -- but if you put them together, they're not so offensive. Elliott Gould Effect.

Ray is a Hollywood fixer, with two fulltime direct-reports (Avi the Muscle, Lena the Lesbian) and an office where he barely ever goes. He moved his wife here from Southie to Calabasas -- as if California has any real concept of class anyway -- because they are both grossed out by where they came from, but surprise! They brought it with them.

They're still way more socially palatable than Ray's brothers, quiet Terry and hot junkie Bunchy, who own a boxing gym call the Fite Club, and are a Carson McCullers-type pair of interlocking physical and emotional problems. (They have another brother but Ray doesn't know that yet.) Bunchy is played by Benvolio, and Terry is played by I think an actual hobgoblin, like from Hogwarts. They are both adorable; it is a very good-looking family. Especially to have come out of Jon Voight's balls. (A man who already looks like a scrotum would, one assumes, have a scrotum that looks like two resentful scrotums, having a fight.)

Ray is having an affair with the white President of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant. Just kidding, no he isn't. But he does have a history of affair-having. He also has an apartment in town for when he needs to sleep off some of his extra testosterone/antiheroism, though, and it's decorated in Marilyn Monroe crap, because he's simultaneously unique and not very unique at all. He's got a thing for doomed dames, see; he's got a noir boner for broken dolls. (We know this because people actually say it in the dialogue, over and over, because Showtime shows are never quite as smart as they think they are.)

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