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The Long Walk
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Mickey shot Van Miller but forgot to tell anybody, so FBI Frank was left on autopilot to stop an investigation that is no longer happening. Then, Frank found Van's body and assumed stupidly that Ray got nervous and killed him. Mickey shot a priest but it was wrong priest but then Bunchy shot the right priest and then Ray shot him for good. Hmm, who else did Mickey shoot? Everybody… everybody is dead. He and Sully killed Sean Walker, which is the last loose end anyway, but also leaves Mickey with nothing fun to do.

Sully's man Eddie made off with a lot of money, screwing both Ray and Sully over. I'm not sure anybody knows that yet but either way Ray now has two major problems (in addition to his two imaginary problems, the other one being that Mickey is not actually so bad). On the home front, Ray told Abby about his childhood sexual abuse and then everybody went to stay in a hotel so Sully doesn't kill them.


Avi and Ray chase Eddie all over the airport with their bag of money, so he doesn't get away and make Sully even angrier/crazier than he already is. It is a pretty fun sequence to watch, but not so much on paper. In the end, they chase him into the path of a car, and he goes to the hospital without his giant bag of money. On the downside, he has no idea where Sully is, but at least he can tell them that the third man on the team, a big man named Tiny, is very into Chinese buffets. Exactly the kind of shitty C-story Lena generally finds herself.


Frank: "Why are you lurking in my office? It's so scary when you do that."
Ray: "I have too many problems to also be worried about getting arrested."
Frank: "Then why did you shoot Van Miller? He was the best thing on this show!"
Ray: "Think about it. I didn't kill him."
Frank: "On reflection, that makes sense."
Ray: "I am still going to blackmail you though, just in case."


Bunchy: "As I said last week but will be reiterating, I feel pretty okay with my rapist dying."
Terry: "It's perfectly understandable."
Bunchy: "I am going to get a grownup haircut, and tuck my shirts in, and also go live back at my apartment. I am going to try being a person now."
Terry: "A little whiplash-y, this turnaround, but I get it."


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