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One Week Of Love
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Ray's pressuring his FBI contact Frank trying to stop Van Miller's investigation before it takes down his whole operation, while also engineering his father's murder: Mickey's on the hook, working undercover for Van Miller to clear his own name. What Ray doesn't know -- and would prefer not to know, frankly -- is that working Sean Walker has Mickey falling back under Hollywood's spell. On the homefront, Ray's working his way back into his children's good graces after a violent loss of control, and his client Tommy Wheeler is off the wagon again.


Catherine: "Sully has to pee!"
Sully: "Shut the fuck up."
Catherine: "He has old-man issues with his bladder!"
Sully: "Shut the fuck up."
Avi: "We like just stopped."
Catherine: "But he has to pee! You have to stop! I somehow don't understand how being on the run from the FBI works, despite having done it for like twenty years."
Sully: "Shut the fuck up."
Avi: "Shut the fuck up."
Everybody: "Shut the fuck up."

She does not shut the fuck up. She will never shut the fuck up. It is time to pull over again.


Ray: "So we're good? I know we haven't talked about how I put a gun in your grandfather's mouth in front of a burning-down house, but since you haven't gotten any piercings I guess we're doing okay?"
Conor: "I am my mother's son. If you can get me a date with Tommy Wheeler to the Kids' Choice Awards tonight, I'll stop withholding my affection."
Ray: "Primarily I am resistant to that because my priorities lie elsewhere, but I also have a fear that he is going to give you blowjobs."
Conor: "Grow up. He likes trannies. And girls, when he's drunk. I am neither of those."
Ray: "Valid points, all. Don't say 'tranny.' I'll call him."
Conor: "Bullshit."
Ray: "What I hear you saying is, you double-dog dare me."


Catherine: "[More bitching.]"
Ray: "Avi, why does my GPS say you are stopped in the desert? Because I don't know if you know this, but we hired the FBI's Most Wanted Man to come kill somebody on the other side of the country."
Avi: "I understand the gravity of all of this but I think you're underestimating the bullshit that Catherine brings to the table. Also, it is becoming clear to me that your friend Sully is also 100 percent fucked up."

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