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At Bunchy's ill-fated housewarming, Bridget and Terry made decisions about their respective significant others and Ray scared the piss out of everybody by almost murdering his father. Ray purchased parental rights for Marvin Gaye Washington from the boy's mother, who was then murdered but Ray didn't tell anybody because he was busy retrieving the blood-stained contract. Abby explored Ray's LA apartment and got a perspective on his life that was both bizarre and mostly correct. Twenty years ago, Mickey stole a bunch of money from a guy named Sully and then went to jail after Ray and Ezra framed him for Sean Walker's drug-fueled murder of Ray's girlfriend Colleen. Now Van Miller is trying to use Mickey for a FBI sting, and Ray's off to Boston to track down Sully to get Mickey out of the picture for good.


Abby: "So to review, in the last twelve hours you scared the shit out of your kids and now you're off to Boston and you won't tell us why? In twenty years you haven't let us return to Boston because you hate it so much... is this about that dead girl?"
Ray: "It's about a dead girl, but not the one you're thinking of."

Conor: "Are you really going to be involved in something called Steampunk Wizard Of Oz?"
Bridget: "Yes, for I am rebelling in the most awkward way possible."
Ray: "Morning, kids. Hope you didn't have any nightmares about me killing family members!"
Conor: "Whatever, I'm numb to everything. Your daughter is going dork."
Bridget: "I'm not even talking to you right now."

MGW, without knocking: "You knew my 'moms' died and didn't tell me?"
Ray: "I was afraid you would come in my house without knocking."
MGW: "She was murdered in my old house!"
Ray: "How does that make it okay for you to bring a gun to mine?"

He pins the kid to the wall, takes his gun away and crab-walks him all the way back to Rekon's house so they don't have to discuss this in front of his kids. Or really at all.

Rekon: "I guess maybe we should've talked about this as a family. It is hard to receive a text message about your mother's rotting corpse finally being found, though."
Ray: "I respect that, but you need to calm him down. You are a kind of father."
Rekon: "Did you murder her by any chance?"

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