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Ezra has been hallucinating the Golem everywhere he goes, but it turns out his dementia is related less to the death of his wife and more to the full-on brain tumor he's cookin'. Ray and Avi are on the trail of my beloved FBI agent Van Miller, whose future is looking darker and darker. Poor brother Bunchy bought a sad sack house while out on a sad sack bicycle ride, while other poor brother Terry discovered that his perfectly wonderful lover Nurse Frances is secretly married, with a teenage son. Abby visited Ray's home-away in LA and turned up some disturbing stuff, but Ray was too drunk and distraught to explain himself, as though he would anyway.


Ray strides out onto the docks, eventually pushing a burly FBI guy named Frank into the water.

Ray: "It is my assumption that you are related to the FBI investigation into my affairs, which directly contradicts the nature of our fiscal relationship!"
Frank: "It is very cold in this water! And I told you, we haven't had shit on you in years."
Ray: "Then who is this adorable man that got my father out of jail?"
Frank: "Uh oh. That's Van Miller. He is crazy as hell, but also like a fox. You are in trouble deep."
Ray: "How deep?"
Frank: "Deeper than this marina you just threw me in, which was very rude by the way! I wish that I could help, but Van's something of a freelancer when he gets going on one of his weird deals."


Abby: "With nothing else to bitch about, I'm returning to the topic of you dating that boy down the street. I don't like it! Stop texting!"
Bridget: "Save it, Ma."
Conor: "Can we go to Bunchy's housewarming of his sad gross house?"
Ray: "Firstly you are grounded. Secondly, nobody is going to that house. It claims to be Bunchy's gross, sad house but really it is Mickey's den of iniquity."
Abby: "I can't wait to immediately go to that house then, so we'll have something to fight about."
Ray: "And if Mickey calls any of you again, let me know. He is off-limits."
Everybody: (Immediately calls Mickey on their phones, because Ray's life is tough.)

Abby gets the kids out the door -- with a hilariously adorable and relatable reminder to teen boy Conor to put on his deodorant -- and starts in on Ray about how come he has a dossier on a dead priest and also what is with the handcuffs and bloody mirror in his apartment.

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Ray Donovan




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