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As part of his induction into the family's sad way of life, Daryll "Black Irish" Donovan has been training for tonight's boxing match since he showed up. It also provides an alibi for Ray, who's finally gotten Sully to LA from Boston to kill Mickey tonight while the Donovans are cheering on their newest member. Van Miller is no longer with us, meaning that Ray, Ezra and Sean Walker are the only loose ends surrounding Mickey's early release from prison, not to mention the three people responsible for the frame job that put him there. Presumably, despite his clear affection for all three men, Mickey is still after them; what he doesn't know is that Sully is in town and ready to take him out before he can do anything about it.


While Tiny -- an imported Sully-henchman who is of course anything but -- shovels Mickey's grave, he's at the Fite Club helping Terry train Daryll. He's happy about the event, and even happier that his off-book FBI handler is no longer troubling him about that early release. Plus, he's got this development deal with Sean Walker, so that's probably got him pretty jazzed.

Upstairs in the closet where basically everything happens, Ray is feeling morose and Donovan-ny about the whole thing. Fathers and sons, fratricide and infanticide, dead Bridget and fucked-up Bunchy, misremembered abuses, all in a box of keepsakes Ray's taken down to look through just when his son Conor -- the only male Donovan left mostly untainted by both Mickey and the Holy Roman Empire -- wanders up there.

Conor: "Hey, I was just looking for somewhere to barf. Got any expensive jewelry?"
Ray: "No, just these priceless old photos of the man I will soon have murdered. Also, some boxing gloves."
Conor: "You know what would be adorable? If I put those on real quick."
Ray: "Oh my God, that is adorable. You know, I've been wary of you turning into violent creeper trash like the rest of us up until now, but seeing you in those boxing gloves on the day I'm having my dad murdered makes me weep Irish tears anyway."
Conor: "Tell me some horrible story about your treatment at his hands."
Ray: "He exercised a sort of prior restraint protocol on us being pussies by beating us before we got beat up so we would be okay with getting beat up when we got beat up."
Conor: "Yikes. Did that work?"
Ray: "In that we are all permanently beat up, I guess. I certainly never feel safe."

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