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Birthday Cake For Breakfast
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Bunchy bought a house with his settlement, but then freaked out and tried to burn it down. Ray visited Patrick Sully Sullivan in Boston and convinced him to kill Mickey in LA. Terry came up against his girlfriend's secret marriage. Van Miller is closing in on the Sean Walker murder investigation and hopes to bring down Ray and his bosses in the process. Marvin Gaye Washington got a little ahead of himself in the sexual experimentation department so -- since his greatest fear is that one of his children will be involved in blowjobs -- Ray grabbed the kid and drove off with him, to an unknown end.


Making this the third or fourth scene in which this happens, Sully decides to leave for California. His lady friend wants to come along because she hates Boston -- and has been in hiding from the FBI for who knows how long but probably the whole time, unless they met on the internet or something -- but Sully won't let her come with, not even once she blows him in a Barcalounger.

You know what's fun? Thinking about old people going down on each other.

Meanwhile, Avi blows up Bunchy's house. It seems like the kind of arson that is just straight-up arson so I am guessing this is not for insurance purposes. To be fair, it was a bit of a tear down to start with. I suppose I wish Bunchy was there to see it, not that it would bring him much peace.


Ray takes his time after a shower to look at his various tattoos and think about what they all mean. Mostly this takes the form of various angles on Liev Schreiber's insane body, but if you know that this week is all about scars and less permanent body modifications -- plus the anniversary of his dead sister's birthday, who is memorialized in one of the tattoos; his mother is the other -- you might be distracted from that.

Upstairs, Bridget investigates her belly button piercing, getting a little spot of blood on a tank top in the process and just tossing it in the laundry without trying to shout it out. At first it just seems like your average teen girl stuff, but again: This is coming in the wake of a pretty negative sexual experience, so we're talking about a reclamation of some kind.

Ray calls the gross guy that sold Bunchy the house in the first place, just to make sure he knows who burned it down, and the guy goes a little apeshit on the phone before Ray, of course, hangs up on him. Rolling calls, you know. Terry calls immediately to remind him of their sibling ceremony about Bridget, and gets ready to face the day.

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