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The Rat & The Race
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After a week apart, an eventful fundraiser has Ray and Abby on (a very rocky) road to reconciling. Both kids are involved with dangerous celebrities, although in both cases it seems more innocent than Ray might assume. Stu Feldman threatened little Bridget with private-school blackballing, but Ray has engineered a temporary cease-fire. And Mickey's guardian FBI angel, the delightful Van Miller, interrupted the investigation of his priest-murder on day one -- the better to nail Ray, Ezra and Lee Drexler all at once.


With an angelic choir singing some hymn, we climb up into a bedroom where Ray is standing, all alone, watching snow fall: A sign that Boston has come to LA. Reflected in the window is his father, fucking a woman doggy-style on the bed: When Ray turns and the music shifts to a Jackie Brown kind of funk, we see the woman clearly: Given the blood running down her temple, I'm guessing it's Ray's girlfriend that Sean killed. Then she turns into Ray's wife Abby, whose pinched mean face is unaffected by the fact that she's getting it from behind by Jon Voight. I wouldn't want that man behind me fully clothed, I can't imagine the kind of internal fortitude necessary to stay in bitchface while all that's going on back there.

Anyway, the usual kind of not-very-complicated dreams like Ray would have, in case you are more able to understand basic things by seeing them rendered in concrete, unironic dream forms. Down in the cul-de-sac, Marvin Gaye Washington does donuts in his golfcart, which would be adorable except that it's clearly pretty early in the morning and so A) he is not in school and B) he remains somewhat unsupervised.

Having never been the child of a crackhead nor the property of a rapper -- yet (to both I suppose, as long as I'm qualifying statements) -- I couldn't tell you which would make me feel more neglected. But I do know that any amount of money is better than no money, and the only people who say otherwise either don't know what they're talking about because they've only been one or the other, or because they are desperately trying to deceive you, or they are trying to deceive themselves. In each of these cases, however, these people are the enemy. Always choose money. It's a tool, just like the internet: If you turn into an asshole, guess what? You were already an asshole.


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