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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her

When the house is done and they've got all the computers and phones, Ray goes back to her bedroom, where she's crying, terrified. She swears there aren't any other copies, wheezing with her back to him. From where he's standing she's just another lost doll.

"You understand the path you're walking down? You need to stop giving blowjobs in the street. Stop doing drugs. Is this what you want for yourself? If you keep this up, you're dead. That's how it ends."

She swears he doesn't know shit about her, but they both know he does. All day long they've been telling him he's the exact same thing as she is: Walking down a path toward doom, giving blowjobs in the street and on the Paramount lot. What are you wearing? Is this what you want for yourself? Haven't you ever wanted to change your life?

Once he says it, all that strength and poise goes out of her, out the window, choked out, and for a second his vision goes bifocal: She's a beautiful broken doll, he's a drugged-up faggot in a fuzzy sweater. There's the tackiest stuff everywhere, Peoria stuff, grandma stuff. Second-hand '70s sculptures on the wall. He can't look at her, and he can't look away either.

"...You'll be all right."

It's a promise, in that everything he says is a promise. Just like it's a threat.

Avi: "Do you believe him?"
Ray: "Believe who? ...I mean, yes."
Avi: "Are you okay?"
Ray: "Stop asking me that."


Conor: "Is Dad going to be incredibly mad?"
Abby: "I honestly am not sure."
Bridget: "What the fuck is wrong with you?"
Mickey: "Everybody! Relax! I am the dad here! He's your father and he loves you, he'll understand."
Abby: "Seriously, stop stressing. You didn't even do anything wrong, I sanctioned it."
Bridget: "Like he knows what that word means."
Conor: "I know what it means!"
Mickey, awesome: "Abby my love, what does sanction mean?"

Kids on shows like this, they're always on probation. You never know. I think one of the things this show is trying to solve is why that is, and how to fix it. Like with a lot of teen shows, you always wonder early on how much the parents are going to matter, and it's nice when they are fully rendered people -- same on very very grown-up shows like this one, with the kids. And this show does it very well, both by giving them interesting personalities and by the power of the chemistry between the actors: Half of their lines wouldn't be that interesting if it weren't for the way the kids say them, and the way Abby reacts. She creates a whole world, a history and an underpinning, for their love.

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