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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her

Chloe: "Probably wondering what a nice girl like me would be doing this for... Tommy's a nice guy, I feel bad. I've gotta look after myself, though. This could be my only chance I ever have to change my life. You ever want to change your life?"
Ray: "What do you want, Chloe?"
Chloe: "Thank you for calling me my name. The cops always call me Steven..."
Ray: "What do you want, though?"
Chloe: "One million dollars. Not a lot of money compared to this weekend's opening, I'm betting."
Ray: "Tell the guy over there to get lost."
Chloe: "He's just my boyfriend, but fine. I'm getting a sex change. That's what the money is about."
Ray: "You don't have to tell me that."
Chloe: "I want to. Tell you things."

Avi listens, outside; Ray pays for lunch and asks how she knows Tommy. It's not an interesting or detailed story.

Chloe: "So I just get a million dollars now? What if I'd asked for more? I'm not a bad person, Ray."
Ray: "This is your survival. This is the solution. Your body."
Chloe: "I like you, you say what you mean. Haven't you ever wanted to change your life?"
Ray: "We'll be in touch. Which obviously means beating your ass and scaring the shit out of you."
Chloe: "I'm still too focused on flirting my way out of a dangerous situation to notice that."

Compared to Tommy Wheeler, Chloe is winning at life. Lena calls with news about the dead priest, but only confirmation: There are no other facts. He calls Abby, who is getting subtly harassed by (a maybe legitimately confused-about-2013-life) Mickey and not answering anyway. She likes the idea of guiding a kindly old man through the brave new world. He knows just the story to tell her, about her life.

It's only a few seconds once Conor picks up before Mickey -- grinning meanly -- makes sure Ray knows he's been there the whole time with them. Abby is exasperated, but still has no idea how real everything is: Ray hangs up and gets his gun, causing Avi to grab him in a bear-hug -- and then into some full-on, pretty scary violence -- to stop him from driving to Malibu and killing his father instantly: "You gonna go shoot him in front of your kids? In front of Abby? We'll handle it. We always do."

He's never looked so young.


He throws her around for a while before putting her up against the wall; Avi scrubs the whole house of technology -- twinks dancing on cams in back rooms, on drugs; too fucked up to even register what's happening; too gay to function -- and Ray chokes her nearly out, to make the point.

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