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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her

At lunch, Mickey makes fun of one of the plastic surgery ladies and then sends the kids off with yet more cash.

Abby: "You're spoiling them! Say thank you!"
Mickey: "So how's your marriage?"
Abby: "Uh, private. Why does he hate you so much?"
Mickey: "I was an absolutely terrible father. Selfish. I loved those kids, but... I just fucked up. My wife's dying, money problems, four kids to feed. I mean, I was a criminal as I'm sure you know. And I did too much coke... It was the '80s."
Abby: "I remember."
Mickey: "A very degenerate era. But on the other hand, I did twenty years in jail."

She reaches out to him, finally, desperate to connect, and he shores up his pride, and laughs it off, and the tears in her eyes: Are they relevant? Is she an idiot? I say no. This show is better than this. He's one of those guys where you have to believe everything he says instead of worrying all the time about it: He will do some fucked up things, but they will also be honest just like when he's not being awful. She's married to somebody, after all, who's more like this man than not.

Which makes Abby far from the dumbest person on the show: It makes her one of the strongest. Not that it'll help; not that those things are mutually exclusive. She was just such a fucking fishwife in the first episode that it's nice to see some actual intelligence and compassion instead of just the nonstop sad social-climbing and shrieking: Ray is running from brokenness, but she's running from Southie. And then this man who understands her by virtue of coming from there, and by virtue of loving her husband in a similarly complicated way, in all her loneliness. I mean, she's not being entirely mercenary or passive-aggressive by involving him in their lives; she's also making the right call, I think. Not, again, that that'll help.


On the way to meet Chloe, Ray gets Avi on the surveillance footage from Sean Walker's house, before he gets the download on Chloe: Steven Hunter, from Peoria, six prostitution arrests. She's got her shit fairly together when Ray comes into the restaurant. Obviously the hulking guy nearby is her backup, and she's not LA-pristine in her style, but she's pretty pulled together. Smart girl, taking in every detail about him she can see.

She really wants to explain herself to Ray, these rehearsed speeches and dead affect, like when you want to tell a cop your whole life story even though you only ran a red light; it takes the entire conversation for her to understand that he literally doesn't care. He's impressed enough by her dignity and self-possession that he just wants it over with.

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