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Bunchy and Potato Pie watch as Terry trains Daryll in the ring, working off some of his aggression. This is how we do "family," this is how Terry understands it. Daryll doesn't know where Mickey's off to, and Bunchy can't stop asking where his daddy is. Bunchy just keeps drinking and drinking, finally sneaking off to Terry's office to poke around and break into the petty cash. Terry finds him and he just tries to laugh it off, grinning his addict grin, on the edge of tears. Terry finally locks him in there.


Mickey: "Conor. You a fag?"
Conor: "Probably not?"
Mickey: "I met some excellent fags in prison. Good guys. Tough guys. Listen, if one of your little friends wants to give you a blow job, that's fine. A mouth is a mouth. But don't let anyone fuck you in the ass. That's how you get sick."
Conor: "I have never met a person who was so wrong about things that he ended up being basically right about them. It's like you go so far past okay that you end up more normal than most people."
Mickey: "I know! It's weird how I do that."

But also, how amazing that this is Day One with Grandpa. Not like, "Don't ever buy something you can't afford," nothing like that. Just straight to "sexuality is a moving target, don't let that fuck you up." A thing most adults -- starting with Tommy Wheeler -- don't understand and should, but most children probably don't need as like their 101.


Lena is very much enjoying the blowjob video because it is awesome. A guy walking past the office window is also impressed, which makes her laugh. Over at Voyages, Ray finally gets Tommy to call Chloe on the phone to see what this mess is even about. He gets the most lovely smile on his face when she picks up, and immediately goes into small talk, flirty talk, until Ray is forced -- "me too, what are you wearing" -- to smack him in the head. He goes into his action hero voice because that's his context for a hostage situation like this one.

Tommy: "Sorry, sorry. Chloe, what do you want? She wants a million dollars! She feels really bad, poor thing..."
Ray: "Holy crap, just set up a meeting."
Tommy: "I would love that! But I'm in rehab."
Ray: "Not for you, you idiot."
Tommy: "Oh right, right."
Ray: "Jesus, man."


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