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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her

Tommy: "I got a video, I think, of me doing something I shouldn't have been doing."
Ray: "Specifically?"
Tommy: "Fellatio. Champion-level fellatio."
Ray: "Oh my God, Tommy."
Tommy: "I'm learning a lot about my addictions right now!"
Ray: "Send it to me, delete it, and do not talk about it."

They finally usher Tommy back into the rehab center, and he bitches and moans in a charmingly entitled, movie-star way. Tommy's pretty great. I mean, I hope that Ray is wrong and he doesn't fuck Ray's child, but until that happens I'm gonna say I'm pretty pro-Tommy. You don't cast Austin Nichols unless you want somebody at least as sympathetic as he is creepy. Obviously he's beautiful, but mostly it's because he is always very sensitive-seeming, if usually also creepy: He never plays cerebral people, but he always comes off as very smart, which creates an overall creepiness.

Back with Sean, Sean is still flipping out. His entire character is -- like Stu Feldman, like everybody in the The Player corners of this show where the true genius and stylization of it comes out -- an amazingly on-point collection of one-liners that never quite falls over the top because there is no top to LA. I have such a soft spot for these guys, these actor narcissist guys. They require so little effort, for how endlessly needy they are. In his high-water dojo pants and his sweet little Steven Seagal shoes! It's so cute and perfect and awful, and it never stops! Even when Ray and Ezra are trying to have a TV show in the middle of it:

"Wow, wow. You take a phone call when someone's threatening my life? Who's more important than me? Look at [my adopted daughter a housekeeper just produced out of nowhere]. She's so innocent. So pure. She's my little angel. You can't let anyone hurt my family. She needs me. You know how much money I gave after Katrina? Darfur? I'm a good person! I struggle! I hurt! I make mistakes. But I always do the right thing. I make this world a better place. And you've got to help me. I love you, man. Smell her head. Ezra, smell her head. Smell her head."


Before you know it, it's a regular family outing. Mickey slips into Ray's place with Abby and the kids just as easily as with Terry and Bunchy, and for the same reason: There's a hole there. He points out the "tits" on a passerby and when Conor turns to leer, Abby knocks him upside the head. He sends the gals off with some cash and shares an energy drink with Conor, spitting it out adorably. Everything is like, perfect.

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Ray Donovan




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