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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her

It kind of goes back to the whole "everybody is everybody else's doll" idea because she doesn't even really see Mickey or what Mickey represents: She's using him to sneak intimacy away from Ray, and punish Ray, but has no concept of what is really going on inside the gross old fucker. All she knows is that Ray maybe is sleeping around, and she's been keeping this old man in her pocket for whenever she feels like punishing him in his absence.

Out the window, a huge billboard of Conor's secret new best friend, Action Tommy. His smile is full of admiration, but also full of greed. As much as Abby's head is turned by the LA money she thinks signifies class, that's how Conor is the only one who really buys into the industry. Later on with Bridget we'll see her negotiate that world in her own way, but it still won't be this gleeful consumption, this insider covetousness, that is turning Tommy Wheeler into the main thing Conor likes to think about.


Tommy's at Voyages, telling a long lying story about finding the girl dead in his bed that morning. He embellishes -- "It's called the bardo state, I read about it in The Tibetan Book of the Undead, it's a great fucking book" -- and the story ends with a "beautiful" moment where he lets her spirit out of the balcony door.

That's when he gets an email message of him blowing Chloe. The joy on his face, on the video, is very grim contrasted against the sadness as he watches it, processing the fact that he is being blackmailed and that the problem is not solved, and that someone he cares for about as deeply as he personally can care for a person is determined to break his heart. But then you look down at the video, and he's smiling up like he's looking at God. (Even Ray, later, smiles to himself like, "Dude can suck a dick. I'll give 'im that.")


Ray: "Sean. Open the fucking door."
Sean: "You promised me this wouldn't come back! You said you'd take care of this!"

What the burglar left behind is a picture of Sean, with his arm around Mickey, and across the top of the photo it says, "GOOD TIMES!" Sean gets specific for us: "I shot your fucking girlfriend in the head, high on your father's coke, and then we sent him to prison for twenty years! Good times?" He shouts about the "breach" some more, which irritates Ezra, but the joke kind of falls flat because he doesn't actually say it too many times, and then Ezra has to hug Sean into chilling out and tell him how pretty he is, while Ray takes the call from Tommy.

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