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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her

Bunchy: "You may recall I started before that. Not all of our issues are as focused on him as you've decided yours are. Give him a chance."
Ray: "You don't have a fucking clue. Terry, please just watch him today."

Lena puts Lee Drexel on, and Ray immediately hangs up on him again because he starts by screaming. It's pretty funny; we know Ray just enough to know that this tickles him to do this.


Mickey: "I have often wanted to see the Pacific Ocean. I dreamed about it in prison! Describe it to me."
Bridget: "Not blue like the Caribbean, but perfect nonetheless."
Conor: "How about I don't tell Dad you're harboring his father, if we take off school today."
Abby: "You're just straight-up blackmailing people now? Very Donovan of you."
Bridget: "Meaning, of course, that you're just like our father who blackmails people as his job."
Abby: "Bridget! Don't say true things!"
Mickey: "Everybody be nice to everybody else. This is parenting. This is living."


Lee: "So you broke Stu Feldman's hand? At my house?"
Ray: "Yeah. It was awesome."
Lee: "He's a huge client. Please go give him a blowjob. All I talk about is blowjobs."
Ezra: "I'm here to act weird and old and crazy now."
Lee: "Go sit shiva, baby. We have blowjobs and blackmail to handle."
Ezra: "A client is in danger!"
Lee: "Uh, a secret one? Because we have actual non-imaginary crises on the table. Such as, you are losing your mind."
Ray: "Come on, Ezra. Let's go deal with this secret client, who is not imaginary."

The situation is that somebody has "breached the security" of a film star we work for, Sean Walker (Johnathon Schaech, who never met a role too weird for him to at least attempt), which has caused Sean to lose it impressively. Lee figures out almost instantly that that's where they're going -- and they hang up on his screeching again -- but what he doesn't know is why it's important specifically to Ezra and Ray, which is that it is all connected to the Mickey stuff. He was involved in whatever the plot was that framed Mickey and put him away, so now they're on high alert because no lie lives forever.

To his eternal credit, Ray calls Abby just in case this is going to take too much time -- and, I think, off a reference to Ezra's own dead wife -- but once again she can't actually say more than a couple words because Mickey's right there. Of course, because they had these nominal plans about vaguely discussing their marriage, and Ray has respectfully warned her that might happen, Abby once again goes full-on revolutionary and decides they are taking an entire day off work and school to have a family Malibu vacation.

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