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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her


Abby can't even process Ray's call -- "I wasn't with that girl, Abs" -- because to speak out loud would activate the obnoxiousness of Mickey, who won't stop asking about Ray. They agree to talk later, but she just keeps saying she has to take the kids to school.

It's a little bit sad because part of the clock ticking over Ray's head is about solving the Mickey problem before it touches their home, his wife, their kids. And the whole time he's right there, grinning with his eggs, and Abby knows that would set Ray off, for good reason or not, so he is just there, on the phone, looking foolish as he tries to pretend he really does want to heal things with Abby right now, today, rather than just checking her off the list of problems to fix.

Once she's rid of her husband, Abby tries to get Mickey a cab back to the club, but everything is moving both too fast and too slow for ol' Abby today. Every time Mickey says Bridget's name, ghosts appear in the room and vanish again.

Finally, too paranoid about Ray finding out about Mickey and getting distracted from their marriage problems to wait for the cab, Abby puts Mickey in the car too. She carries a lot on her back that you can't see, and one of the things about starting so in the middle of things is that you don't at first get a real sense of how strange these last couple days have been: He doesn't spend every night with Marilyn, they don't wake up every morning with sad hangovers. There's a whole level to Abby's harried life today that you can only appreciate in hindsight.


Terry: "...Because she's out of my league, that's why."
Ray: "I know the things women are saying when they aren't saying them, so trust me, but also she literally said you had 'great guns,' like, why would she talk about your..."
Terry: "Is it not totally part of her job description to make me feel like my body is a wonderland? Don't be naïve."
Ray: "What's naïve is thinking that anybody is that nice without wanting something. In this case, she wants something nice. But either way, people don't go out of their way. Selfishness is a plus, when you just assume it, because it makes everything mean more."

Outside, Bunchy is all fucked up. He's been fucked up since the settlement; he'll continue to be fucked up long after the check is cut and cleared and spent.

Ray: "The minute he's back, you start up again?"

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