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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her

Their smiles at having met another like-minded person are pretty genuine, and who wouldn't enjoy a conversation with a fan when they are feeling lonely? I mean, they are both obsessed with Tommy Wheeler because Tommy Wheeler gets to be Rambo all day and play with guns: That's what they are both excited about.

I would say they are on roughly the same level. But that itself automatically complicates a whole lot of shit -- grownups shouldn't be friends with kids regardless of how old they are on the inside -- and so now with the song putting scare quotes around it I feel like it's politically meet to hope that nothing creepy is going on here, just because you can't have the gay guy be a (possible) fetishist and also a fucker of kids. In 2013, those are three separate things on a Venn diagram that probably don't even touch, not just some mushy ideological oatmeal that reduces everybody not on message down to a single minority called "pervert."

That brings everybody down to the lowest level, and insults my actual life: Like, the reason you can't have gay Scoutmasters is because we still find it hard to imagine gay moms and dads, so we assume it's about gay dudes with mustaches walking in off the street to abduct our kids, and this would be the kind of story why that persists. So either way, it's yucky and a bad idea for both of them, but there are all kinds of ways it could play out that don't validate Ray's weird ideas about sex. They may have found love, it's a big word with a lot of room to walk around inside it -- but one hopes severely that they do nothing with it.

Meanwhile, Avi beats the ever-loving shit out of Daryll and staples the "Good Times" photograph to his chest with an actual staple gun: Message received, return to sender. Which is wonderful because it means we can have the two possibilities with Mickey going on at the same time, one in the day and one at night: He can beg Ray to be his son again, and then at night they can send each other bloody messages on the bodies of each other's closest compatriots.

Shortly thereafter, Ray assures Sean Walker -- about a million times because he is a mess -- that this is the end of the story: "I know who it is, and they're never breaking in here again." Without looking away from Ray's eyes, Sean addresses his assistant: "Got my food?" Yes, Sean. "Gluten-free?" Of course. "Script?" I have your script. We're good to go.

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