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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her

Mickey: "They're great."
Ray: "And now you're going to say you didn't deserve twenty hard years, some story... You deserved it, Mick. You deserve worse. And you know what? I'm going to give it to you."
Mickey: "I just want my family back!"
Ray: "No, you want my family. And that is why you will end up dead."
Brothers: "Whoa, whoa..."
Ray: "No big deal. Just saying, you won't see it coming."

Now, the Sean Walker plot proves that Mickey is looking for payback, and Ezra's selective dementia makes sure we know that Ray's secrets won't keep forever. But there's nothing that says both can't be true: That Mickey also is being honest about loving Ray and wanting Ray and everybody to be one big family. It's a very noir suspense they've already set up, where you just don't know. People, families, are like the opposite of Occam's Razor: The more factors and contradictions, the more likely it is.

There could come a day where the snake coiled up inside Mickey springs out, and the whole world comes crashing down like a gross Matrix, and everybody says, "Ray, if only we'd believed you we would still be safe. But we weren't cynical enough, and now we all have died." But it's just as likely that that day will never come -- and even more likely than both is that when it does, Ray will have brought it all together and down upon himself, just by being so closed-up and hardened that he can't admit the possibility of ambiguity here. That he will force that destiny to happen; that the paths we walk down open-eyed always lead further down than the ones we can ignore.


So the person who broke into Sean Walker's house, sadly, is Other Brother Daryll. I mean, all he did was bring a photograph in there and breach a little security -- and Mickey was driving -- but Ray has had it, for reasons we know but also reasons we don't necessarily yet. It's all still kind of a huge mess with the original frame job.

As "Now That We've Found Love" plays, Terry looks at his body, and his tattoo for a woman named Bernadette.

At Voyages, another hot famous person finds it within her to correct Tommy: "It's called the Tibetan Book of the Dead," of course. "But there's all this zombie shit everywhere! You want to get high?" She goes back to barfing, and he goes back to what he was doing: Texting with Conor. They are both very, very happy to be friends.

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