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She Wanted To Groove So I Grooved Her


Almost breaks into another run, the second Ray shows up, but converts that flight into fight by bitching obsessively about how Ray didn't have a drive-on pass to the lot today. Oh, and dumb old creepy Ashley is there, strumming her guitar and being weirdly oracular and feral and fascinating again.

Stu: "You broke my fucking hand, and my wife left me, so get down on your hands and knees... and apologize. Lee said you'd blow me!"
Ray: "That is all he ever talks about, come on. Now, look at this video. Coincidentally enough, it is of your main movie star actually blowing somebody."
Stu: "Dude can suck a dick. That is beautiful... Wait, is that Tommy Wheeler?"
Ray: "Yes. Give me one million dollars from that safe over there so I can make it go away. And also be back in charge of you, by way of making it seem like this isn't double-dipping and I'm solving a problem for you, rather than him."

Ashley sings "Private Eyes" quietly to them while they do this. Once he's gone, Ashley and Stu talk about how hot Ray is for a while, and then he Stus out: "Find out who his trainer is!"


Finally dropping Mickey off, Abby is very interested in getting the hell out of there so there won't be drama, but the grandkids keep wanting pictures with Mickey, and then Terry and Bunchy will want to see them -- plus, Bridget needs them for that Family Tree project -- so after a lot of hassle, they go upstairs into the stank. Mickey's so excited to show off what he brought them, the kids. Abby's happy to see Terry because he's wonderful, and then notices Daryll hanging around -- Mickey talks boxing with the kids and the boys, distracting everybody.

Abby: "Ah, the brother. Listen, could you not tell the kids that you are their uncle? Or black?"
Daryll: "It'll be our secret."

Terry and Bunchy are all over Abby and the kids, in such a sweet way, but all Abby wants to do is get the fuck out of there. Mickey's like, "Call me any time, Conor, about my jail wisdom." Yikes. You keep thinking Ray's going to show up and everything is going to go crazy, but that's not exactly how it goes down.


Mickey walks around in the dark, touching all his boys' boxing stuff like it's his. Ray finally appears, out of the shadows. The other sons converge, to watch nervously.

Ray: "You have fun with my family today, Mick?"

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