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Mickey Donovan got out of jail early, screwing up several of Ray's plans, and killed a priest. Tommy Wheeler went into rehab as a PR move to deflect from his sexuality he's still working out. Ex-Disney star Ashley Rucker has a penchant for old guys and doing yoga on her deck, both of which hobbies have vastly complicated Ray's relationships with his wife. Mickey has a fourth son, Daryll, who everybody but Ray knew about. And worst of all, Abby has been in contact with her father-in-law for some time now, meaning that when he comes knocking, she'll let him in -- just at the time when Ray's spending his nights at his other apartment with no way of knowing about this.


Ray wakes up at his other apartment after a long night of drinking and weird Marilyn Monroe hallucinations, still with blood on his beautifully tailored shirt from beating (to death?) Ashley's green-painted masturbating stalker.

Abby is also waking up, back home. Everybody is even grimmer and bleaker than usual. Downstairs, Mickey has lost no time making a mess of things. One wonders if he'll ever get over feeling his post-jail oats and calm down: It's entirely possible that this is just how Mickey rolls. Abby wonders briefly if maybe Ray was telling the truth about the total trainwreck his father represents.

Ray gets Lena to check out the Boston scene, to see if maybe Mickey was right and the Da Vinci Code is actually after him for murdering a priest. She doesn't ask questions, which is just one of the many things he likes about her.

Out on the Donovan deck, Mickey is teaching Conor profane doggerel about smashing birds to death, which Conor thinks is just great. Abby is unable to deal with anything, and just sort of mutely watches Mickey run the shit: Making scrambled eggs, saying weird poems, bugging her about Ray's whereabouts, and the constant chatter. She battles her hangover and attempts in vain to be magnanimous about Mickey overtaking their home. Conor nearly starts crying when she tells him they can't take off school to run around being weird with Grandpa, but she's just too exhausted to deal.


Nurse Frances, the absolutely tip-top lovely lady played by our beloved Brooke Smith, does home visits to tend to Terry's Parkinson's. She has a deft hand and a friendly way about her, but Terry is so used to being down on himself that he doesn't even notice she's into him. Shirtless, Terry the boxing trainer seems much less like the quiet sweet underdog one, and more like he carries all that Donovan violence inside his strength like a bomb. His body is beautiful and poised, like a ball of rubber bands ready to explode; Ray can't even get him to answer Frances's banter. He is ashamed of the wrong things: Ray thinks he's adorable, they both do. He is.

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