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Okay What Is This Tonight


Remy starts singing "Jerusalem" as she's heading toward the cabin, and then -- this is so neat to watch but hard to explain -- the flashback world and the current cabin flash back and forth, depending on if we're Remy or we're with the boys. Kind of like how it was when Miranda thought that shitty house was a nice house, but even more overwhelming because of the music and changes in light and did I mention the scary scarecrow attacking them in real life while Remy watches the whole Pact play out for herself.

So that happens, for a while, and then finally they vanquish the scarecrow, and Remy heads outside to see the last part, which is once they've signed the Pact, the Preacherman takes it out to a carriage that says on the side... Hinchley, Trumbull & Collins! A person or persons who already lived in the town, and thus is even creepier than the council just falling under the spell of this one weird guy.

Who stares right into the camera, laughs like he is going literally insane, and then explodes into ravens. I wish I could say I was expecting that, but one thing you never expect with this show is: The shit that happens on this show. Can't be predicted.

Remy breaks it down for the boys, including the funeral home connection none of us knew about -- and the fact that the Original kids were there and saw it all go down -- and Olivia and Dillon ride through the night talking about how they love each other (maybe they have already done it, that's what I thought the first time I watched it) while Max sits invisibly in the backseat, licking her ice cream and making all-too-frequent eye contact with the driver of the vehicle.

But even creepierly, back at the funeral home The Grunwald picks up her knitting from the earlier poltergeist activity, lights a huge candelabra to summon the Heat Miser, and then accepts its apology with a graceful "I love you too."


Something creepy under the floorboards summons Mrs. Matheson's old foes, the Ravenswood PD, back to their house of horrors. Caleb's Uncle Dad shows up, and I'm guessing Caleb doesn't have much time for him. (Or he breaks up with him and then Collins is like, "Is it because you want me to be your dad now?") Meanwhile, Remy and Olivia keep doing their usual stuff, and Miranda investigates The Grunwald further, which is clearly the most exciting thing you could say now that we know she is friends with ghost babies that can burn people and are just hanging out in the air vents of her house.

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