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Okay What Is This Tonight

Dillon: "Satisfied?"
Max: "Don't worry about me, I'm just the grinning child-harbinger."
Dillon: "I've got this under control."
Max: "You better, or it's the Grinder for both of us."
Dillon: "No way, I like girls!"
Max: "Settle down. Let's go get some ice cream, at some point, since apparently Olivia can't see or sense me, which means I may well be creepily watching you when you do it. Maybe with my head turned all the way around, just for extra awesome."

Remy finally starts sleepwalking, so the boys say bye to Miranda and follow her out the door and down the rickety stairs of the carriage house, bringing along a baseball bat for, Luke cutely explains, "self-confidence." Meanwhile, Olivia chills with Dillon and makes sure he knows tonight's the night, through staring weirdly at him, in possibly a graveyard. Olivia knows how boys tick.


Miranda spooks The Grunwald all over the house, desperately haunting her with like, writing in jam and whatever. GIMME THEM JARS, she ghost-talks, and Grunwald just shrugs and wipes it up. NOT KIDDING RE JARS, she squeaks, and Grunwald oils the hinge, and so on. Finally Miranda's like, "Bitch I am not kidding." Right in her ear, so suddenly that she drops her knitting! She was knitting a sweater for little Collins and now she'll never remember where she was. The evil that ghosts do.

The Grunwald: "Listen. I get that you're angry? But you need to chill."
Miranda: "I will be more than angry if you don't stop fucking with us. Jars please!"
The Grunwald: "Okay and I know you hate being stuck in these two gross houses, but also that's a big deal too."

My theory is, if the jar ghosts ever get out, they go in the Grinder to feed the Preacherman. That's why Max and Dillon were so precise about getting Miranda good and marinated, before the dumb Five got her out of that trick house. So this means Collins and The Grunwald are protecting the ghost teens, until such time as the Curse is reversed by Caleb figuring things out. (Or more likely, Remy figuring it out and doing the heavy lifting, and then Caleb doing whatever actually needs to happen.) But Team Max can't tempt ghosts away from the funeral home as long as the jars are okay, so they just have to wait, and also do other evil stuff too while they're waiting.

Anyway, then the Heat Miser attacks again, and this time The Grunwald saves Miranda from it by barking harshly at it. So now Miranda has two things to be mad at her about. I think maybe if The Grunwald stopped grunwalding around all the time and just said like one thing in plain English, this all would be over quite quickly. But she won't, and that's definitely a good thing.

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