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Okay What Is This Tonight
Grunwald: "They've known each other a long time and she's had a rough time of it. What is the problem?"
Olivia: "Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about Miranda Collins."
Grunwald: "That was so classy how your family turned up at the funeral and then you crawled around on the bathroom floor and then you all got in that big fight with the cops."
Olivia: "Do you ever think maybe she hasn't quite moved on?"
Grunwald: "No, because she is dead. We buried her. Multiple times."
Olivia: "But what if you could put hair in a jar and that would make the ghost stay around?"
Grunwald: "To capture a soul in something that small, it would have to be very powerful..."
Olivia: "We found 'em once, we can find 'em again."
Grunwald: "And then what? Listen up, my dear. You think you have the answers, but you don't even know what the questions are. Next time you step to The Grunwald, please do try and come correct, won't you?"


While Miranda and Caleb rehash their shared death and longing, and how she kind of wanted him to stay dead and he kind of was feeling her on that, but how they can never be together until that happens and also he just broke up with Hanna five minutes ago, Remy has a dream.

She gets almost to the creepy cabin, then is attacked by a haunted scarecrow that comes up behind her to be creepy, then drops on her out of a fucking tree, then is also in her bedroom. Then she wakes up screaming, so it leaves. Mom's like, "Isn't lucid dreaming fun? Kinda trippy!"


Luke: "And that's when it dropped on you out of a tree? Like Tigger?"
Remy: "I think it got scared by how good I was dreaming, so it resorted to less subtle tactics like dropping onto me. It's actually kind of encouraging they're on the defensive."
Luke: "I wish that you told me you were turning into Dream Warriors, but okay."
Remy, verbatim: "This is more than just a dream, Luke. It feels like a journey."
Luke: "Dramarama! What do we do about it?"
Remy: "I am definitely going to be doing some sleepwalking now. You can babysit me."
Luke: "Anything, anything."

Hilarious cut to, everybody is now in Caleb's studio apartment, watching Remy sleep in his bed. I have no problem with being pee-shy, but the idea of closing my eyes while dead and alive people stare at me, I feel like I finally get it. Olivia immediately gets a call from Dillon, who will not put it off: Tonight is the night, stop fooling around and let's get to fooling around. Olivia thinks about it, decides that every time she hangs out with these people she ends up almost dead, and decides to swipe that v-card post-haste. So now she's out. Remy's okay with it because they are like, barely friends.

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