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Okay What Is This Tonight

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

"Dark Satanic Mills" is like, the best possible name for the town, going back to the Gothic Romance source material we're orbiting (we're even stuck on "Sawmill Road," for that extra New England touch). Oh, and while we're on the subject of things that went over my head, Hannah C pointed out that Hinchley and Trumbull -- of Hinchley, Trumbull & Collins -- are the Karloff and Price characters in Comedy Of Terrors, 1964, which is about a bunch of mistaken identities and fake-out deaths in a funeral home. Cool, right? Such a lovely, strange program we're watching, I love it.


Olivia: "Hello, anybody there at Caleb's house?"
Miranda: "Just me, because I cannot leave, being dead."
Olivia: "Time for some girl talk!"

Mom: "Just like that, you want some scrips? I'm Dr. Feelgood over here?"
Remy: "I don't know. I just hate dreaming lately. It's like somebody grabs the dream remote and switches to the nightmare channel. I see things, I don't know what."
Mom: "Like, things are normal, and then they're not. Something else is going on."
Remy: "I feel like somebody's showing me stuff."
Mom: "Somebody is."
Remy: "Freddy Krueger?"
Mom: "No, obviously you. Why doesn't anybody get this about dreams? You are the writer and the producer of your dreams. Everybody in your dreams is you. Unless you happen to be under a sleepwalking Curse involving scarecrows, and then sometimes that's not true. But almost always, it is."

She then trains her daughter in lucid dreaming, grabbing the dream remote -- if you will -- and fast-forwarding to the part of the movie where the people can do that, control their dreams, etc. Sounds like Mom's pretty good at mommin'.

Olivia: "So how's Caleb?"
Miranda: "Broke up with his girlfriend so she won't get involved in our mess."
Olivia: "Same with Dillon. If he didn't live here, I would totally dump his ass."
Miranda: "Hey, did you guys ever bone?"
Olivia: "What on Earth made you ask that? Or think it's okay to ask that?"

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