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Okay What Is This Tonight
Miranda: "Get to the part about me."
Caleb: "Oh, okay. There is no part about you."
Miranda: "But if she doesn't know I'm dead, then she must just think you're relocating to be in love with me!"
Caleb: "First of all, fat chance. Second of all, who cares if some girl on some other TV show thinks you're a bitch? Your ass is dead."
Miranda: "Well, I never!"

She vanishes and he runs through the entire conversation in his head to make sure he was not the bad guy there. He wasn't, but also when the girl you live with is in love with you and also a dead teen, maybe show some sensitivity.


Luke: "No offense, but you look like hell."
Remy: "I know! I'm punchy so that doesn't bother me."
Luke: "You need some sleep."
Remy: "You need some sleep. Me, I'm going to go crazy about this necklace."
Luke: "That is also a plan. Call me if you get sleepy, due to not sleeping, and slowly going crazy from that or from the many other factors."


Olivia: "...And they were friends before my parents got married, but now it's like, Why are you in my kitchen? How are you walking around in full sunlight? Why are you stealing dead girl hair for a jar?"
Dillon: "He sounds like the enemy of my devil employer. You should trust him even less than you already do."
Olivia: "Okay, I have to go. Sorry about our date I've just decided we're not going on."
Dillon: "My parents, if I even have parents in reality, are going out of town. You should come over tomorrow and we can get into virginity topics."
Olivia: "Okay, I've been intending to have sex with you anyway. It's a deal."


Remy: "Can I have some more coffee? I fell asleep, like an indigent."
Barista: "Sure! Remind me, do you take that with cream and sugar in it? Or just MY EYEBALL!"

Remy wakes up, freaking out, and everybody is staring at her, and for some reason she remembers the barista, before she was down an eyeball, singing that song from page 36. Kind of a motif.

"Jerusalem" is an unofficial England anthem, adapted to song from a William Blake poem around 1916 and I guess all the rage at this point in Ravenswood history. Blake, I've been looking to connect him to the show for awhile -- "And all the Arts of Life they changed into the Arts of Death in Albion" -- and his general creepiness, which influenced Lovecraft pretty much directly. I wouldn't have connected it to the show without a friend, Ginger, but now it makes total sense. We think of him as this doggerel guy but that's because we weren't allowed to study his major works, which are a shitstorm of crazy. This stanza particularly (It's so true! The second verse of every hymn always gets weird!) makes me think of Ravenswood:

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