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Okay What Is This Tonight
Miranda: "Which again is fine, because last time I left the grounds I fucked up bigtime by getting tricked by a fake mom and a scary demon girl into living in a crummy house I thought was heaven. A very mean trick to play on a ghost, and one I regret falling for."
Caleb: "I don't care about some hair in some jar somewhere. Let's figure out this Preacher guy. He sounds like epic bad news. If we can figure out where his infernal power came from to create this Curse, we can destroy it."
Remy: "Yeah, his name is right there in that book."
Caleb: "Gabriel Abaddon?"

The book explodes in fire! It catches them off-guard, because how books don't normally do that, but they bounce right back like they always do, and clean that shit up before returning to their conversation.

Olivia: "Also this page 36 song, that seems important."
Remy: "And here's a necklace with a baby picture in it, that's weird. I better hold onto that and sleep with it and go crazier and crazier."


Olivia: "Mom, is that you? Why do you sound like a dracula?"
Collins: "It's just me! I brought over an orchid and let myself into your house because that is how I do."
Luke: "I'm going to start crying right now if you don't quit it."
Olivia: "Are you fucking our mother? Did you stab our father to death? Where did you get a house key to come inside here and do gardening?"
Collins: "I called her on the phone at the store and she said to do it so the orchid wouldn't get cold in the hell dimension weather of this town."
Olivia: "That checks out. But I am still very mad."
Collins: "I guess I'm going to bounce but I did want to mention how good of a man your father was. He hated my ass, but I would never stab him. Unless I had to, for my strange reasons. Later!"
Mathesons: "Bye."

Olivia: "God, I hate that guy. Like irrationally."
Luke: "I just hate everything. Maybe it's allergies."


Miranda: "I feel like you're avoiding me."
Caleb: "I feel... the opposite."
Miranda: "Remember when you died?"
Caleb: "Shut up about when I died. I barely even kissed you."
Miranda: "Okay, how was Rosewood?"
Caleb: "I dumped Hanna. Because of you. She told me to take care of you, and instead you died within the first thirty minutes."

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