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Okay What Is This Tonight
Menfolk: "Haven't you read the Bible? Men are in charge of who gets sacrificed and which moms get to cry. Sit your ass down or you're out of here."
Esther: "Thomas Rivers, you know this is wrong."
Thomas: "Esther Collins, you shut it. I am too scared of war for your nonsense."
Preacher: "Leave or stay, nobody cares about your woman feelings. Let's sing this fucking song and get it over with."

And lo, they did turn to page 36.

And night did Esther Collins book it out of that motherfucker and wrote it all down in a diary that she put in a box that she put in a bank that was hidden underneath a high school where teens would later smoke pot, and gave the key to another Rivers guy in case anybody ever had any questions about what was in there.


Olivia: "So since you're reincarnated from these people, what the hell is she talking about?"
Caleb: "It doesn't work like that. But I guess that's the night it all went down."
Miranda: "And then I guess we eloped and died, and those two fools locked themselves up in a tomb so we would get reincarnated."
Luke: "I am skeptical as a rule, but I have to say this checks out."

So I guess at some point -- right after his kid dying, I'd imagine -- Thomas realized that it's fine and good to trade other kids for your kids, but sucks when yours is the kid that gets traded. Like that thing where you push the button but somebody dies that you don't know, and then at the end of the story the box goes somewhere else, to somebody you don't know, and maybe they will push it and you will die. A wonderful story, badly treated by Richard Kelly in his terrible The Box movie, but somewhat more artfully expressed here on this show, where it's a metaphor about war that is itself a metaphor about war. Is your mind blown? That is crazy to think about.

Remy: "So my mom is alive, but now five teens..."
Miranda: "Ahem."
Remy: "So now four more teens..."
Miranda: "No offense, just wanted it on the record. Don't worry, I don't want the rest of you guys to die or anything. Maybe just Caleb, but that's sex-related and not about a Curse."

Olivia: "Speaking of you just coming back from Rosewood after breaking up with your girlfriend there, Caleb, I also want to mention that Uncle Collins dug up Miranda's body to steal more of her hair for his hair-jar, which is why she's back unable to leave the grounds."

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