I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead
Miranda: "Gotcha. Listen, I kind of hate being a free ghost now that I have experienced it. Before, I went straight to the school auditorium and immediately got Max-trapped, but this time, wandering around the world, it turns out that that's sucky. Just FYI."


Uncle Collins shows up at the hospital -- where, of course, they know him -- and without a whole lot of screwing around, abruptly kills Springer. It's pretty baller.

I mean, eventually they get him back, but the way Collins just induces some kind of brain stroke in the kid and then swags out through the Code Blue rush of nurses and doctors, it's lovely. Maybe he woke him up with that and didn't mean to kill him? Who knows. The way he was talking about Springer before, it could go either way. But in any case, Olivia and Tess catch all of this from the worst possible angle, adding more strife to an already vexed relationship between one girl and her dracula.


Doc: "Imagine a stronger version of melatonin. That's what I am putting in you."
Remy: "I will still dream?"
Doc, weirdly: "What good is sleep without dreams?!"

Very operatic and strange. I like this lady's vibe. Later, Mr. Beaumont comes to tell Remy goodnight again, and Luke arrives just in time to hear some super sweet talk about him, before blushingly coming all the way in the room.

Luke: "If you get in any trouble, wake yourself up. Promise me."
Remy: "Well, no point telling you about the weaponized melatonin in me now. Okay."

This time, Baby Remy is gone. But in the corner, a horrible scary clown just sits there, breathing, waiting, and getting scoffed in a brutal fashion: "Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm missing the scared-of-clowns gene?" Soon enough, things go from bad to worse, Preacher Gabriel falls on her out of the ceiling, and all three of them -- Luke, Nurse Liam and Dr. Russell -- are clustered around like twelve video screens of shit going on in her head.

When the hyperventilating starts, Luke gets antsy -- Dr. Russell being no fan of his from the start, for some unknown reason -- and runs in there. "Call security!" Russell barks at Liam, and they hustle him out of the room. Simon joins the party, and they all stare down at a writhing, freaking Remy.

In the dream she's wearing the necklace and silly frilly pink matchy-pajamas, and the Preacher is... Up close, he's good-looking indeed. I will be surprised if he's not blood-related to Dillon, it's too perfect. And yep: Offering her tea, at a tiny kid's table. Love this show, so much.

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