I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead


Caleb and Miranda loudly exposit to each other what happened immediately previous to this scene -- even though one of them is invisible, and both of them were there -- which is that the school librarian sent them to Ben Price's office, where he keeps all manner of antiquities: Books, enough to fill a Billy shelf, and a small suit of armor, etc. It's like Giles's library but about the size of a half-bath.

Ben Price: "Random Lovecraft reference just in case you weren't following. And hey, why are you in my office?"
Caleb: "I ... am a student? With questions? I was told to come here?"
Ben Price: "I'm a teacher! Why are you in my office!? The door was open!"
Caleb: "Yeah, I don't see the problem. But anyway, can I see this book?"
Ben Price: "You should have emailed me instead of entering my office through an open door!"

As skeptical as Ben Price is about the concept of shared space, he is even more skeptical about Unseen Forces and its eccentric author. Turns out Armitage is a well-known crank, a mystic and occultist who was only acceptable because he had shit-tons of money, which he spent on things such as this building we are standing in.

This is the point where the conversation really goes off the rails. The basics are that Price is a skeptic and prefers real history and facts, and doesn't believe in ghosts, while Caleb used to be all of those things and now is none of those things, with the added bonus of Miranda standing around being talked about like she's not in the room, because technically she isn't. It's an ambitious list of things to get across in a fairly short scene, so let's just focus on the intentions and not the result and then blow right past it, like so:

Miranda: "I couldn't even pay attention to him shit-talking ghosts and ghost-friends, due to more hallucinations. Did he say anything else?"
Caleb: "Just that he doesn't believe in ghosts, but they're assholes either way. And I am pathetic for being best friends with a ghost. Unless you're not totally lame, which he seemed to think is a foregone conclusion. But also, none of it was real to him. He was just being super intense about a thing he doesn't actually care about, kind of like him riding my ass about being in here all normal-like. Like he had never had a conversation before, or like he thought we were talking about a lot of things we weren't actually talking about and I didn't know what they were? It was weird, but not that interesting."

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