I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead

"I planted the knife, wasn't that enough?"

Olivia: "So that's Springer, and then it cuts out right before I can tell Dillon's the one yelling at him..."
Caleb: "I'll hack the SIM card faster than you can say teddybear nannycam, don't you worry."
Miranda: "Hey, I'm here. I opened my hair-jar."
Olivia: "Good for you, girl. Listen, my dad sent Springer's dad to jail."
Caleb: "I don't know any of these people so I'm not sure what my reaction should be."
Olivia: "It was a secret that he even had a son. So whoever told him about it was definitely sending him after us. Poor violent fuckwad."

Miranda hallucinates a bunch of horrible shit, including her being a wet zombie and the usual variety of scary things, but most interestingly, PTSD flashbacks to the end of the pilot when she drove them all into the river like a jackass.

What if Miranda somehow is Wet Demon Girl? Like her own banshee or something, her doom reaching back to complete itself in the past? She was the only one who saw that one, remember? Sometimes Olivia would be around the Ghost Fingers, but only Miranda ever saw her exact death following her around all day before she died. Leading her on.


Remy: "Thank goodness my mom taught me lucid dreaming in five minutes, or I might not have had any boogeyman control at all. Not that he really cared that much."
Luke: "So he's real, we're still thinking? Definitely part of the Curse. He scarecrowed us hard in the real world. Could be he's even more powerful in dreams, or in your mind or whatever."
Remy: "Maybe he has answers, then?"
Luke: "Come on, like you're going to have a cute little tea party with his hot ass?"
Remy: "Stranger things, my love, have occurred in Ravenswood Township of late."
Luke: "Or maybe it's a trap."
Remy: "It's all a trap. It's always going to be a trap. We can't let that be the determining factor anymore. Look, what if he can tell us who killed your dad?"
Luke: "That would be awesome, but not if you die of sleep deprivation. Take meds if they offer."
Remy: "I kind of want to keep my home-court advantage, since I'll be hosting this tea party in my own wacky brain. And either way he's not letting me rest. We've seen too much, if you'll recall last week's thorough eyeball/Bible-verse motif about that."

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