I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead


A lovely nurse named Liam wires Remy up for the night, while Luke looks on and Dr. Russell explains the situation: Everybody will watch her sleep outside, but it's just normal baseline this time. No drugs, no anything. Just Remy, trying to fall asleep in a strange place with just a teddybear and a haunted necklace, in the middle of the daytime.

Doc: "Your pulse is racing, what's the deal?"
Remy: "Well, my nightmares are real. I mean, they seemed as if."
Doc: "Barring any centuries-old hot preachers from Hell, you're probably talking about a hypnagogic hallucination. Body wakes up, mind's still dreaming."
Remy: "That sounds both horrible and exactly like everything that's happened to me since Miranda showed up in town. So okay."


Caleb: "Okay, before we open the jar and go through the gates, I'm gonna need one more sign of enthusiastic consent."
Miranda: "I can't protect you if I'm hiding in that house."
Caleb: "Heh, gay."
Miranda: "No, I mean, like all of you. Our Five. It drives me nuts."
Caleb: "Let me know if you see anything weird or strange, besides everything."

Ravens immediately start wheeling around in the sky and the gates swing shut behind them of their own accord and the leaves rise up in the air and assume quick shapes, of men and beasts and strange things in between, for only moments before they are gone. A fox dances on its hind legs, inscribing strange movements in the dust. The trees bend, like women at the river, under a nonexistent wind. A bird flies backward across the treeline to a nest, folding itself back into an egg like impossible origami. A wet and rustling-dry sound, all at once.

Miranda: "...Nope. Same old Ravenswood bullshit so far."


First she thinks she's still awake, then she heads out of the room and ends up in her very comfy child bedroom. After watching Baby Her sleep for a while, grinning softly, she feels the Preacher's approach. She screams at him to get away, and he seems to comply, but then jumps out of a closet behind her, dragging her back.


While Tess adorably bothers the desk clerk, Olivia sneaks into Springer's room but he won't wake up. She snags his phone, just as Tess texts her to hide, and then finds a weird recording that somehow ended up on the phone. I don't know how, but she takes it immediately to Caleb at the Vault to talk about it.

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