I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Jacob Clifton: A+ | 47 USERS: B
Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead

Quote "...all shadows and intention." Clearly the best line of the episode.

Remy: "Same knife. Same guy. Pact knife, your dead-dad knife. That knife gets around."
Luke: "I am kind of getting into this. I mean, how weird."
Remy: "Oh, it gets weirder. I know for a fact that he was real. Scarecrow real."
Luke: "So it's not even a dream, it's a memory? Good thing he didn't get you."

Olivia: "Well, nothing from the cops so far. I'm coming up there to talk to Springer."
Luke: "Your attacker?"
Olivia: "Reports of his aggression maybe were maybe overstated, looking back. I think he was trying to apologize for something, or expunge some kind of guilt, or... Anyway, see you in a bit. Tess is here but I won't let her bother you."


Momma Springer: "Get the fuck away from my son's room. You! Runner over of sons! You! Matheson Trash!"
Ladies: "Whoa, ma'am. Comin' in hot."
Momma: "Take a look at him! In his goddamn coma! I thought you Mathesons had already ruined us enough, but I guess you're not finished. What is it about the Mathesons? Why are you always smashing other people's lives?"
Olivia: "I'm intrigued."
Mr. Beaumont: "-- Dolores, how are you? Is Zachary okay?"
Momma: "Stay away from these Mathesons, Simon Beaumont. You'll lose it all."
Mr. Beaumont: "I have made my peace with the Mathesons, but thanks for your concern."

Olivia: "Remy's dad, what the hell was that?"
Mr. Beaumont: "Ask your mother."
Olivia: "I can't do that right now, obviously. Just spill."
Mr. Beaumont: "No. Ask me in five minutes near the vending machines and maybe I will have changed my mind for no reason."
Olivia: "Done."

Olivia: "Remy's dad, what the hell was that?"
Mr. Beaumont: "Before your dad was Mayor, he was the City Attorney. He put Springer's dad in jail, and Dolores raised him alone without anybody knowing about the dad part. When Springer found out..."
Olivia: "You mean, when somebody told him. He turned on my family, and..."
Mr. Beaumont: "Your dad was just doing his job. And he was good at it. But when you get things done as a politician, you make enemies. Sometimes a whole cult going back a hundred years just takes a dislike to you, and then boom. Stabbed to death."

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