I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead


Dr. Russell is Remy's new doctor, a kind-eyed woman who thinks Remy is like the most interesting person in the world, which of course she is.

Dad: "Sleepwalking, sleep drawing -- which, is that a thing? -- writing in languages I'm pretty sure she doesn't know..."
Doc: "Yeah, she has so many sleep symptoms we don't have names for all of them, and that's an issue. But also, not sleeping is fucking her right up, so I want to focus on that."
Remy: "Mom said she wouldn't tell anybody I stopped sleeping."
Doc: "Your mind's a busy place. It always has been... I think this is all one life-long nightmare thing you've got going on, based on your files."
Remy: "My doctor when I was seven, Dr. Elmore, he had tiki masks on his wall, I remember."
Doc: "Do you remember drawing this fucked-up picture of a preacher standing over your bed? For some reason you have a beard in it, but possibly that's because kids are just not that great at art."


The full title of the book Beatrice was apparently suggesting is, Unseen Forces: An Unabridged & Personal History Of Ravenswood Township, by its native son H. A. Armitage. (Henry Armitage, which we talked about before because it's also the name of the high school, is the Miskatonic librarian in Lovecraft's "Dunwich Horror," tasked with protecting the Necronomicon from unworthy eyes. The whole story -- specifically that one -- is very Ravenswood, once you get into it.)

Caleb: "A reference to an unholy book that is itself an unholy book? This should go well. I bet they have this at the school library."
Miranda: "Neither of us have library cards."
Caleb: "We'll cross that bridge."

She sits around as he heads out, forgetting that she's becoming a free ghost once again, and he cutely is like, "Uh, come on." It's cute, his little ghost buddy and that, but you have to wonder about the etiquette. Like, you don't want your ghost buddy to be too impulsive or chatty, because that'll make you seem like you have an illness or a weirdness and then nobody will want to talk to you. Like being friends with the Matheson Twins isn't already a popularity death sentence, but you gotta stack your own deck. You know?


Remy: "Weirdly, I didn't remember any of this very specific stuff had already happened to me ten years ago, until she showed me that messed up picture. The nightmare was always the same, a man standing near my bed."

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