I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead
Luke: "Maybe we can use the knife to break this deal."
Remy: "Yeah or maybe we can stay the hell away from demonic artifacts for like one second."


Miranda: "At least temporarily, he's out of her head. But that dude is very old and very good at ... whatever his job actually is."
Caleb: "I bet Remy could use the sleep. You know everybody thinks you're the VP tonight, right?"
Miranda: "It's comforting."
Caleb, verbatim: "I was thinking about what Price said. There's lots of books out there, but this story, it hasn't been written yet."
Miranda: "Oh, Caleb. That was really sweet. I don't have any idea what you meant by it, but I am touched you said it."
Caleb: "I am drowsy. I guess I'll tell Olivia that SIM card was a no-go tomorrow. I hope she finds some answers about her family. Those Twins are high-maintenance but their life is a shit sandwich and I'm glad we can watch out for them. Wake me up for school, okay?"
Miranda: "Sure, because I've got nothing else going on. Literally."

Once she shut up about her reincarnation dead girl love, it got really sad and painful to watch. That's funny. I guess the moral of the story is, shut up about things that are important unless you can do something about them. That way people will respect you, instead of just finding you insufferable and/or tragic. I wish somebody would have told me that when I was this age, because whoa doggy I could have given Miranda a run for her money in the self-obsessed drama department back then.

("Back then," LOL.)


When Springer wakes up, Olivia's there returning his phone. He says her name and she jumps, but then says "Hi" in a very soft, tender way. Not like she is his best friend, but not like she's hungry for answers either: Just like she's very glad he isn't a dead person. My favorite moment of the episode, this beleaguered girl looking down at a broken person who has tortured her for so long and just being like, "Hey there." Just nailed it.

Springer: "Okay, you need to know what I know, about your dad. First, sorry that went down like that."
Olivia: "Okay but -- thanks, but -- what actually went down, and what is with the knife? Is that still part of the revenge, or..."
Springer: "He made me do it, all of it."
Olivia: "Average height? Big floppy hat? Prone to exploding into ravens?"

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