I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead
A: "Huh. You're really freaked out by that, huh? Good thing I'm hypnotized by it so you know I'm not lying when I stare blankly at you instead of answering."
Q: "Who helped you?"

I'm gonna say Collins. Anyway, Miranda conks Gabriel with a bedroom lamp, and grabs Remy as she's snapping out of it, dragging her back into the closet. How did Miranda do this? Interesting question for another time. Where do they go? The closet stretches back, forever, in one direction, and Remy will say only, "I don't know where that goes."

Gabriel pounding at the door, they run off down the halls, and then go around corner after corner. It's meant to be an unending maze -- Remy cutely apologizes for having read so much Narnia back in the day -- but clearly it's reused for the shots so it feels more like those repeating backgrounds in a Scooby Doo. Eventually, Gabriel at their heels, they reach a black space into nothing. Remy jumps, waking up finally; Gabriel grabs Miranda before she can follow.

Gabriel: "You are more trouble than you're worth."
Miranda: "It's my main thing, bitch."
Gabriel: "Let's get better acquainted. IN HELL!"
Miranda: "I don't know how I am the dream-hacker all of a sudden, but I do know when to make my exit. Let's go."

They tumble out into the blackness, screaming, but when Miranda gets back to the Five she's alone. It's sad! For me. Not so much for them. Come back soon, Gabriel! I am interested in learning more about your point of view! I can't believe your dad is Vir Cotto and you played Henry Armitage's backup in a TV-movie version of "The Dunwich Horror" in 2009! That is all so crazy! What are the odds?


Luke: "Wait, so now you just pack up and go home?"
Remy: "It was just supposed to be a 24-hour observation, now they have to go through all my readings and stuff."
Luke: "Not that it'll be tremendously helpful to them. Take it from one who in the very recent past embraced their skeptical, non-demon-centric view of the human mind."
Remy: "I don't know if Miranda moved the needle out here, but she was boss in there."
Luke: "She's pretty great."
Remy: "Sorry I got hypnotized and almost died before I could find out about your dad."
Luke: "I am glad you did not die. The rest of it is whatever."
Remy: "He is all about that knife. He said he was the dealmaker..."

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