I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead

Olivia: "They're saying it was a blood clot with Springer, but I'm happy to blame Collins either way."
Caleb: "Yeah, me too. What a jerk that generous and attractive dracula father-figure is."
Miranda: "If anybody's interested, my powers now include telling me Springer's gonna pull through."
Caleb: "Cool story, bro. What's going on with Remy? And is Luke okay?"

A: "You've always been special to me."
Q: "Because I woke up? I saw you holding that knife..."
A: "I'm the dealmaker, I'm not the murderer."
Q: "Then who is? Collins?"
A: "The town does its part."

I love everything about this, but especially this part, which is where Remy hits a wall in her patience with his nonsense.

Q: "ENOUGH with the cryptic Q&A. I don't care how you picked us, we broke your damn Pact."
A: "Nope."
Q: "We're alive, though."
A: "Uh, some of you. For a while. But things change. Accidents, illnesses. Sometimes people even die in their sleep."

This part I love less, where Gabriel hits a wall with his frustration and just gets very aggressive and abusive and out of bounds, but somehow also even more charming: "You wanna know why you? Because you're full of fear, it makes you irresistible. Your boyfriend wants someone else, your father thinks you're crazy. Your mother would be a pile of ashes and dog tags if it wasn't for me! There is a debt on the books. And I always collect."

The part about the mom is true. Dad too. Actually, we've not gotten back to the Tess thing with Luke, so I guess that could be true in a way Luke doesn't know about yet? But would kind of suck, because as great as Tess is, nobody compares to Remy Beaumont.

Out in what we think of as the real world, they are pumping her with Lorazepam and preparing to intubate. Nobody knows what's going on, and she's dying right there in the bed. So Miranda, still operating on her ghostly intuition, grabs that necklace and does some kind of psychometry that shoves her through a bunch of recent memories before depositing her in the dream, behind Gabriel at the little doll table. Where he sets it spinning, of its own accord.

Q: "Oh, this knife?"
A: "Yeah. How did it seal the Pact? Who killed Luke's father? Who planted it?"
Q: "Wait, hold up. How'd you witness the Pact? Do you even know?"

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