I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead


Caleb: "Oh well, we'll find another copy of that book."
Miranda: "I am pouting hard and it is not about that."
Caleb: "Okay, we're talking about you now."
Miranda: "It is very hard to be Buffy Summers when you don't have a body to knock monsters around with. I feel shitty and dumb and depressed all the time. You're going to make friends at school, and eventually you're moving in with Uncle Dad, and then I'll be alone and useless."
Caleb: "(G-rated, not-quite-flirting, that gets her back upright again.)"
Miranda: "Okay fine, I was just sucking for a second. I'm back."

The Fivers call from the hospital to update him on everything going wrong, and meanwhile a tea kettle goes nuts on the stove, and when Miranda looks closer she sees a shot of Remy -- from about five minutes in the future of us -- reflected in it, and somehow realizes that Remy is having a bad time on the etheric plane:

Miranda: "Girl, we need to find Remy."
Caleb: "Dur, she's at the hospital."
Miranda: "No, Caleb. We need to find her."

I wonder if the tea kettle is because of Gabriel's adorable tea party, or this is one of the good ghosts using whatever's around, or maybe this show just has a dart board of weird or scary things -- or regular things that make weird or scary noises -- and this one was it today.

"Then how does Miranda figure out Remy's trapped in dreamland?"
"A picture could fall off the wall."
"What would the picture be of?"
"Um, a preacher making tea? But like, evil tea."
"Cool, I like it, but let's pin that one and keep spitballing."
"...I got it. A reflection of Remy hollering, in a teakettle that is freaking out. That's a twofer because of the screaming noise. I don't think a teakettle has gone off yet this episode."
"Is the clown drinking tea? What is the clown doing at this time?"


Q: "You were in my room that night when I was seven, why?"
A: "Keeping track of the Lambs."
Q: "But why choose me, or any of us? Are we the smartest, the weakest? Are our names written on little white balls spinning in a cage?"
A: "It's certainly not random. Debts are owed. You should not have seen..."

This last intense, shaking; almost sad. Man I love this dude. He is awesome. I would have dollhouse tea parties with him at like any time. You name it. I don't have any friends at all right now that are immortal, bodiless, demonic preachers from Colonial America and I'll be honest with you, it's starting to bum me out. In his little hat, with his dear grumpy little face. Oh my God, I love this show. He hasn't even started playing Spin The Bottle with the ritual knife yet and it's already the high point of the season.

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