I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Undead
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The same knife used in the Pact ritual was used to kill Mayor Matheson, and recently showed up back on his family's property. Remy saw this in a time-traveling, scarecrow-beset dream -- one she's possibly been having her whole life. Olivia reconnected with her old bestie Tess, and finally slept with Dillon before he disappeared. Uttering strange warnings, Springer got run over in a drunken state. Miranda made contact with The Grunwald's ghostly Teen Mom, who gave her back her soul jar so she'd leave well enough alone. Something tells me she will not.


Caleb: "Hey, is that your hair-jar?"
Miranda: "Beatrice gave it to me! But not in a nice way."
Caleb, awesomely: "Last time you got out, you were tricked by literal demons into a literal haunted house, so."
Miranda: "I know a few more things now than I did back then. Like, fake ghost moms are fake, and glowing doorways are no good."
Caleb: "That is two things out of infinite things. Just be careful."
Miranda: "I hate being on this show but not being on this show! You guys get evil scarecrows and haunted barns and underground vaults, what do I get? Nothing, as usual. I like the Kelly Rowland of us. Destiny's Orphan."
Caleb: "Then what's the holdup?"
Miranda, inscrutably: "I'm not afraid of what's out there, I'm afraid of what's in here."
Caleb: "Is this about being in love with me some more, or...?"
Miranda: "What if Collins just keeps digging my dead ass up and putting more hair in this jar? I can't be bald for eternity, that would bite."
Caleb: "Oh yeah, I am definitely going to start some shit with him. BRB."


Remy: "Remember earlier this evening when I stabbed my dad?"
Luke: "That's not exactly what happened. I mean, you barely got him."
Remy: "I know it was technically an accident, but what if it's only technical? Maybe when I fall asleep I become... Evil's puppet?"
Luke: "First of all, I love that you said that. Second of all, you did try to stab my eyeballs out of my head, so you might be onto something. Which is why we're here."
Remy: "Good thing I had the presence of mind to get myself looking flawless before we hopped in the car."
Luke: "It's true. Even for you, you look amazing. So anyway I'll just fill out this form for you... External factors which may be contributing to ongoing sleep disturbances."

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