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Spider House Rules
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The knife that was used to seal the Pact and also kill the Mayor was found in the Matheson's yard, resulting in a cycle of arrests that is ongoing as the cops try to decide whether or not Mrs. Matheson killed her husband. Olivia's interest in this issue, flagging since she became the constant victim of attempted magical murders, has been piqued anew by Zack Springer's mysterious warnings about her boyfriend Dillon right before Tess drove a car straight into his honey-roasted. Dillon sealed the deal with Olivia and immediately disappeared, along with his demonic henchgirl Max. Nothing is really going on with anybody else, now that Remy and Miranda closed the book on her nightmare preacher for the moment.


Mrs. Matheson, free momentarily from getting constantly arrested is jovial -- not to say "drunkenly labile" -- as she introduces the Twins to their dad's new gravestone.

Rochelle: "It's a special kind of tombstone that resists graffiti. Collins gave it to us, because he's seriously all about our family."
Olivia: "Where's the one that cracked in half?"
Rochelle: "I don't know. But I am drunk as hell this morning, so let's say Collins made it into a sled. We could ride it down this coming winter's snow-capped hills, just like this one time your dad and I fucked."
Olivia: "I feel very close to you right now. One might almost say, too much so."
Luke: "You guys are making me have allergies."

While a watchful red-haired mourner drops off some flowers and then blatantly stares at them as Rochelle's cops descend for her arrest of the day. The Twins shit bricks about it, like they do every morning, and just when you think the red-haired lady might have a stake in what's going on, might speak up for the widow or offer her children some weak comfort, a spider crawls out of her fucking face. And because it's Raven5wood we're watching, my honest-to-God first thought was, "It would be kind of interesting to see that lady again sometime, but that is not the show you're watching. Sometimes a spider crawls out of a lady's face, don't trip on that fact. Keep it moving. Act normal, bitch."


Olivia: "Well, I told those cops to question Springer. Surely the actual evidence of him getting coerced into planting evidence would be of use to them, in a purely rational and non-magical way."

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