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Is Everyone Sharing A Brain?

Outside after the play, Ted and Mike make their way through the crowd of losers asking for O'Tool's autograph. When they're finally in front of him, they start giggling like schoolboys, until Mike finally tells Zack, "That was a really interesting play." O'Tool intones, "To me, it challenges the very nature of our legal system and asks, 'Is it indeed possible to even receive a fair trial?'" Especially if the jury's having sex with each other. Now there's a question society has yet to answer. I wonder when they're just going to go ahead and add a laugh track. Maybe next season. Ted swallows, "Well, I'd say that our judicial branch is in fine shape." Maybe sooner. Zack asks whether they want him to sign their programs, and after getting hit by Mike a couple of more times, Ted asks Zack if he ever does personal appearances. Zack says he's opening a bed and bath store in a few days. Mike says that they meant more personal than that, and Ted adds that they have a friend who's having some "doubts about himself," and since Zack is Emmett's favorite porn star, too, they were hoping Zack could see him, or something. Zack says they should bring him to the next show: "Or, wait until next month, when I'm making my Shakespearean debut as Coriol Anus." Getting low on aspirin here. Not to mention aluminum cans. Ted all of sudden screeches, "We'll pay! A thousand dollars!" Mike gasps, "Are you out of your fucking mind?!" Ted replies, "No. But Emmett is."

The Mickey-Can't-Touch-This House. Melanie creeps in the door and takes a deep breath before starting up the stairs. Cut to Melanie and Marianne at Marianne's place, walking in the door. Cut back to Melanie walking up the stairs, as the camera focuses on her hand -- the one with the wedding ring on it -- holding onto the banister. Cut back to Marianne's, as Marianne takes the same hand and leads it up her own staircase. Back to Mel's, as she tries to enter her and Lindsay's bedroom without making any noise. Cut to back to Marianne, lighting a candle, and then seductively blowing out the match. Melanie, with a determined look on her face, takes off her jacket and joins Marianne on the bed. Cut back to Melanie and Lindsay's bedroom, as Lindsay sleepily calls her name. Melanie apologizes for waking her, and sits on the end of the bed. St. L. says, "You left so angry...where have you been?" Cut back to Marianne's bed, where Mariane runs her hands up Melanie's body and...you know what, forget it -- they have sex, okay? I'm done, all right? Melanie has sex with another woman because, I don't know, the planet isn't going her way, and she doesn't have the balls just to break up with Lindsay, or say, "No, it's too much pressure for me to support this entire family," or get over this whole thing with Gus and Brian, or get over herself, or anything like that. Oh, no, it's easier to go and fuck someone else, and then act like Lindsay's out of line for asking where her cheating ass has been all night. I'm through. Melanie is dead to me, do you hear? Dead. I'm ripping cloth in her name even as I type. Melanie, tired of Lindsay's intrusive questions, huffs that she's going to go sleep in the guest bedroom.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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