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Is Everyone Sharing A Brain?

Brian's. Justin's dropped by. Brian asks, "How long have you known me? I don't 'do' dates." Justin says that he's not asking him out, just asking if he wants to go to Babylon with him. Brian says that he has to work; Justin snorts that's never stopped him before. Brian smacks him on the butt and reminds him that he's supposed to be studying for his SATs. Justin says that dancing helps him concentrate, rattling off some crap about released endorphins or something. Brian nods, "So, Babylon's good for your health. That's a new one. " The doorbell rings, and Justin runs to get it, but Brian pulls him back. It's Kip. Justin's like, "Who?" Because it's totally his business. Brian tosses him out and Justin shrugs, "That's okay. I'll just find someone else to dance with. Shouldn't be a problem." Whatever. Justin walks down the stairs and Kip comes up in the freight elevator. Justin sort of lurks around a corner to check Kip out and then mopes off. But anyway, Kip compliments Brian on the penthouse, asking how much a place like this costs. Brian snerks, "More than you can afford on your current salary." Kip shrugs, "Not for long." No warning bells there or anything. Brian hands him a beer, and nods, barely caring, "I'm sure you'll go far." Snicker. Kip asks if he can take a look around; Brian says sure and goes back to his desk to organize his paperwork. Brian calls when he's done, while looking for Kip, "So, why don't we --" as Brian finds him sprawled out naked on the bed, "-- get started." Brian smiles, bemused. Kip drawls, "That's just what I had in mind."

The "play." As Ted and Mike watch in anticipation, Zack O'Tool -- a really, really big, really, really tall man -- strides the stage and intones, "We've been locked in this jury room for three days. Three days, trying to reach a verdict. Three days with no human contact." The audience is all men, most with their mouths open in awe. Ted, for one, has rolled up his program and is subconsciously running his hand up and down it. Zack continues, "Three days breathing the air in here, thick with the smell of man-stench." Gack. Mike snorts, "Speaking of stench, you ever heard such of dialogue?" Mike actually said that. How sad is it that the writers tried to come up with dialogue worse than their usual, and failed miserably? Ted, wide-eyed and entranced, whispers that it's brilliant. Zack continues, "Well, there's only one way to break this deadlock," and as the audience holds its collective breath, Zack rips off his shirt, and then rips off his pants. Shot from behind, his dick falls, like, halfway to the floor. Good for him. The crowd whispers ooh and ahh, 'cause they don't have lives. And Mike's soo busted if Dr. Dave finds out about this. The other eleven jurors rip off their clothes, too, and the crowd bursts into applause. We're getting some full-frontal on some of these guys, too. Mike tells Ted, "This must be how they reached a verdict in the O.J. trial." Ha. Ha. Ha. Ted cries out, "That's what I call a hung jury!" And bursts out of his chair, clapping wildly.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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