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Is Everyone Sharing A Brain?

Brian's office. Kip comes in, and Brian quips, "So, are you CEO of the company yet?" Quips to Kip. Kip Quip. Kip laughs, "Not for another week or two." He says that Ryder told him that they're going to use his ideas for the shoe ad; Brian says he'll steal anything good and put his name on it. Kip nervously laughs that it's fine by him. And he may be sweating a little, too. Gross. Kip says that Bob and Brad aren't very happy, and Brian replies that untalented people often aren't when talented people like Kip come along. A compliment. Wow. Kip grins, with the Look of Homosexual Acknowledgement, "Yeah, well, you're pretty talented yourself." Thrown and caught. Nothing left but the moaning. Kip continues, "In fact, you have a reputation." Buddy, you have no idea. Brian -- cautious for the last time this episode -- is like, I do? Kip's talking about his rep for being the best exec in the company. Uh huh, riiiight. Kip says that why he asked to work with him. Brian thought he'd been assigned to work him. Kip lied. Brian's not worried, he's flattered, and shows Kip a presentation he's working on for another client. He wants Kip on that team, too. Kip's like, wow, how can I ever thank you?! So many hidden innuendoes, soooo little time. Brian says that it's enough for Kip to just do a good job. Kip replies that Brian can count on him, but instead of walking out the door, he closes it, turns back to Brian, and adds, "I just want you to know that you can count on me for anything. Day or night." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Brian smirks, "Well, you really are going for the gold watch." Kip, sauntering up to Brian and unbuttoning his jacket: "I mean it, because I think that you are really, really amazing." He's about to unbuckle Brian's pants and lean in for a kiss, when Brian stops him and asks what he's doing. Kip backs up and swears. He apologizes for the bad call -- he didn't know what he was thinking! Brian nods, "Well, you thought wrong. Because I'm the one who makes the first move." And with that, he rips open Kip's shirt (yawn), sweeps all the papers off his desk (ho hum -- and I do mean "ho"), and throws a surprised Kip onto it. Brian then pulls a condom out from somewhere, throws it in the air, catches it in his mouth, and rips it open with his teeth. One sec -- I need to get some coffee.

Okay, where were we? Right, so he's got Kip on the desk -- his glass desk -- and Brian's pounding away, and I can't believe they actually did this, but the camera starts shooting from underneath the glass, so you can see Kips thighs and butt pressed up against it, like a squeegee from hell. So, Kip's all panting, and Brian's all pumping and sweating, and just as I'm contemplating a mass murder-suicide, Kip finally comes, and my debut on the six o'clock evening news is narrowly averted.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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