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Is Everyone Sharing A Brain?

The Happiest Funnest House Ever Built. Lindsay and Melanie are hosting a baby shower for another lesbian couple, Franny and Zoe. Not sure which one is which. Anyway, the pregnant one thanks Brian's Lesbians for being "true trail-blazing pioneers" in their little group's quest to get procreate. There's, like, two other pregnant lesbian couples there. The other one calls them "role models," and everyone claps in appreciation. See, this is ironic, because Melanie and Lindsay aren't getting along. I wasn't sure if you got that or not. In the doorway, the role models fake smile at their friends, and Melanie whispers to Lindsay that she wishes they would all leave. Lindsay, through gritted teeth, tells her to knock it off; the Righteous Babe Brigade might hear. Melanie doesn't care. Lindsay tells her that they couldn't cancel and disappoint Franny and Zoe: "How do you think they'd feel?" Melanie's all about what's really important here: "How do you think I feel? Like a liar and a fool." Lindsay chirps that they should talk about it later. Gus, bouncing in Lindsay's arms, is just about the cutest baby you ever did see. Such a cute baby! Melanie snarls that they can table it just like they do everything else, but in the meantime, she's "going to go spike the punch."

At the punch table, Melanie gets a glass and then leans on the table next to some other woman, drawling, "Franny's so cute and tiny. I hate cute and tiny." Unlike the hulking mass Melanie is, right? The other woman nods, and then Mel thinks for a second and says, "Oh, God. You're probably best friends." The Other Woman shrugs and agrees, "Since high school." Think. Then talk. Think. Then talk. Yeah, I know. It's a tough one to nail. "Oh, fuck," Melanie sighs. The Other Woman laughs, "I'll drink to that." And they clink glasses. The Other Woman shrugs, "Don't worry about it. I hate cute and tiny, too." Meanwhile, in the living room, Franny and Zoe have just gotten a tiny leather jacket for the baby. But what are they going to do if it's a boy? Back near the punch, The Other Woman sighs that she would "just about kill for a cigarette right about now. All this baby stuff is just making me crazy!" Melanie asks if that's because she wants one, but but that's not it. She likes kids. Other people's kids. Sort of. Melanie laughs, as Other Woman smiles, "I'm more of a career dyke, myself." In the living room, Lindsay sits down next to the happy couple. Melanie says she used to say the same thing until they had Gus. She introduces herself, and Other Woman says, "Yeah, I know -- the role model. I'm Marianne McDonald. Definitely not a role model." Melanie grins, "Well, good for you." Marianne sips her drink and smirks, "Although I guess you could say I'm PC...if 'PC' stands for 'performs cunnilingus.'" How appropriate. And tacky. And completely obvious. I guess the newspaper ad wasn't working. Melanie giggles and tells Marianne that she's wicked. Okay, that, too. Lindsay, looking all puritanical and St. L like, bounces Gus on her knee while giggling with the future Mommies. Marianne sighs and asks Melanie if she wants to sneak outside for a smoke.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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