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Is Everyone Sharing A Brain?

The Happy Fun Discorama. TLFKAM's packing. Lindsay's holding Gus and telling her that she doesn't have to leave. The hell she doesn't. Bye, TLFKAM. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. TLFKAM coughs and nobly notes, "I've caused enough harm. It would only be destructive to you, to me, to Gus." Oh, I'm sorry. You're still here? Didn't I say goodbye already? I was being sincere. Bye, TLFKAM. The fumigators are coming in a few minutes; time for you to go now. TLFKAM hasn't told Lindsay where she's going, and Lindsay fearfully asks, "To 'her'?" TLFKAM says that it was never supposed to be more than sex, which I'm sure is a load off of Lindsay's mind. TLFKAM's going to stay with her cousin Rita, and Lindsay snorts, in disbelief, "The one with the overbite, who thought we'd never make it?" TLFKAM sighs, "Well, I guess [Rita] deserves the prize for being right, huh?" Yeah, but she's getting you, so what's your point? TLFKAM asks whether she may have a moment alone with Gus before she goes. Lindsay actually hands her the baby and leaves the room. That damn house would have been half burned to the ground by now, if it were me, which is probably why none of my exes speaks to me these days.

Brian's office. Bob and Brad bravely face The Sneermaster once again over the wingtip campaign. Bob -- or Brad -- says that they thought, "Nostalgia would appeal to the denture set." Brian sneers, "By reminding them that their best years are behind them, and all they have to look forward to is further deterioration. And death." Brad -- or Bob -- adds, "We thought it would make them smile." Brian sneers, "They're afraid to smile. Their fucking teeth will fall out!" Run! Hide! Quit! Gah! Brian asks where Kip is, and either Brad or Bob says that he called in sick. Right then, Grand Poobah Ryder walks in and tells Brian that they need to talk. Brian dismisses Bob and Brad. Brad and Bob. Whatever. The Grand Poobah closes the door after them. Brian asks what's up, and the Poobah says, "You tell me. Legal just received a fax from Kip Thomas's lawyer. He says that you promised to help Mr. Thomas's career in exchange for sexual favors. And when he, uh, complied, then you rescinded your offer." Brian stays pretty calm, and drawls that it's "complete bullshit." The Poobah says that Kip's suing Brian and the firm for sexual harassment. Brian's face slacks in horror. Nice going there, Kinney. Can't wait to see the character witnesses at that deposition.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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