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Is Everyone Sharing A Brain?

The Hospital. The Righteous Babe Brigade has gathered together once more, this time to celebrate Franny and Zoe's bundle of joy. Lindsay, leaning across the bed right next to Marianne, says that it's another boy, and that no one in their group has had a girl yet. Marianne replies that she knows two gay men who just had a little girl. St. L. introduces herself; she and Marianne shake hands and Marianne reminds Lindsay that she was at the shower. No shame. Lindsay remembers. Then Marianne says, "You know, you two have a beautiful home, and a beautiful son. Hell, you have a beautiful life. I hope you two take care of each other -- you know, protect what you've got. You don't want to lose it." Thanks for the props, oh, and yeah, the help, too. The Lesbian Formerly Known as Melanie enters, and everyone turns around to look at her. The Lesbian Formerly Known as Melanie just about turns blue when she sees Marianne and Lindsay standing next to each other. The new mommies coo for her to "come look at Gus's new best friend." TLFKAM gingerly approaches the bed. Zoe tells her, "Isn't it like déjà-vu? I mean, it wasn't that long ago that you and Lindsay were right here." Franny adds, "I remember how radiant you two looked." Lindsay assures them, "You two look the same way." TLFKAM can't take any more, and excuses herself to dash into the hallway. Lindsay follows. Marianne tries not to look at either one of them. Oh, so now you're all about the shame? Little late there, Skippy.

In the hall, TLFKAM tells Lindsay, "We were radiant, weren't we? When we had Gus. We were so happy." Lindsay says that it was the most beautiful moment of her life: "Of our lives." TLFKAM asks how they got to where they are now. Lindsay says that they do have their problems; TLFKAM says that "everything's wrong." Lindsay replies that not everything is wrong. Lindsay adds that if TLFKAM thinks they should go and see a psychiatrist, then they should. TLFKAM then shifts her feet and mumbles, "Something happened." Doesn't even have the ovaries to keep her guilt to herself, huh? What a surprise. Lindsay asks what she's talking about. TLFKAM -- not looking St. L. in the eye, but with more defiance than she deserves to show -- replies, "I didn't mean for it to. But it did." Yes, she didn't mean to go to another woman's house, walk up her stairs, get undressed, lie on her bed, and have sex with her. None of that was deliberate. Completely beyond her control, you understand. Aliens, you know. They're out there, and they have powers you and I just can't comprehend. Lindsay shakes her head because she doesn't get it, but then, she suddenly does, without TLFKAM's having to say another word. Horrified, Lindsay slowly backs away, finally whispering, "Who was it?" TLFKAM says that it doesn't matter. On cue, Marianne sticks her head out into the hallway to tell them that the nurse is coming to take the baby, if they want to get one last look. Lindsay staggers away down the hallway, away from all of them. TLFKAM feebly and insincerely calls after her, "I'm sorry, Lindsay."

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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