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Is Everyone Sharing A Brain?

The once and future home of Mike and Emmett. There's a knock at the door, and Emmett answers it. It's Zack, with the big sideways bulge in his jeans to prove it. Emmett's in shock. Zack intones that he's looking for Emmett Honeycutt. Emmett replies, "Okay, that's impossible." Zack asks, "And why is that?" And Emmett replies, "Because that's me." Heh. Oh, I hope to be able to steal that line someday. Zack, looking Emmett up and down, nods, "Well, I heard that you're one of my biggest fans. I thought I'd drop by and see just...how big." Emmett babbles something about knowing every inch of him, uh, he means, inside and out. Uh.... Zack's all decked out in the height of porn star fashion -- a pair of tight blue jeans, no shirt, and a floor-length black leather coat. He's impressive, and all, but, um, ewwwww. Zack finally walks in, and Emmett starts babbling (as Zack takes off first his coat and then his jeans), "You know how people say how much smaller movie stars are when you see them in real life? Well, you're actually...not." Emmett says that he looks just like he did in Hung Like a Horse when he raped the two stable boys. Zack grins that that was on his favorites and sits down on the couch. Emmett says his favorite was Eating Out, when Zack raped the two busboys. Zack interrupts him by intoning (I swear to God, it's like this deep voice coming out of the heavens), "I'm horny. I need some release." Emmett gasps, "Oh, my God, that's exactly what you say in Deep End, Part II when you rape the two pool boys." Zack says he won the golden dildo for that movie, and Emmett says that the award was well-deserved. There is not enough cider in the Metropolitan DC Area to ease my pain. Zack, flexing his pecs, asks Emmett, "How'd you like to make friends with my buddy here?" Emmett drops to his knees like the ceiling's on fire, gasping, "I have dreamt about this moment all my life!" and opens his mouth, really, really, really wide before lowering his head down to Zack's lap.

The ad agency. Kip walks into Brian's office as Brian's walking out. Brian says that he can't talk; he has a meeting outside the office. Kip snerks, "I hope it's not like our meeting outside the office." Brian can barely remember what he's talking about. Kip asks when they're going to get together again. Brian tells Kip to check with Cynthia about his schedule, but Kip meant for dinner, "dinner" being a euphemism for "sex." Brian impatiently replies that he doesn't know. Kip stops him before he gets into the elevator, and tells him that a manager's position is opening up at the agency, and not only would Kip like to be considered for it, but he wants Brian to recommend him. Brian tells Kip that he's talented, but that he's not ready to be a manager yet. Kip says that he can learn on the job. Brian says, "I admire your ambition, but you need the experience to back it up. Give it time." Kip says that he doesn't have time, and that if he doesn't act now, they'll give the job to someone else. Brian repeats that he's not ready, and gets into the elevator.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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