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Is Everyone Sharing A Brain?

No Harvey. Jennifer Beals is co-hosting, instead. Which is quite a coincidence, since I just saw her on a VH1 Behind the Music special on Flashdance. She's very calm, and very sweet, and almost makes me forget that these opening blurbs are complete drivel. Because they really, really are. Did you know that they released the soundtrack for Flashdance months before it came out, in order to build up hype? Worked like a charm, too, even though the producers were sure that they had a box-office bomb on their hands. But like I always say: never underestimate the public's yen for eye candy and gratuitous sex. Set it all to an infectious beat, and who cares about paper-thin plotlines and bad dialogue? But I digress. Let's get on with the recap, shall we?

Brian's office. Two other guys -- looking remarkably similar in identical dark suits, short haircuts, and glasses -- are showing Brian their ideas for the Shullman Shoe campaign. They're supposed to be hawking a really ugly pair of wingtips. I'm a big fan of wingtips, actually, but these are pretty horrendous. Another young man with a coffee cup comes in, and tells Brian that Ryder told him to sit in on the meeting and learn something. One of the other guys smiles, "Well, Brian's the best." Brian, knowing a kiss-ass when he sees one, grimaces, "Thanks, Brad." Except it's not Brad, it's Bob. The other guy says he's Brad. Brian's confused. His face is all crinkled up, and it's not a good look for him. Coffee-Cup Guy introduces himself as Kip Thomas. He's new. Potential shout-out: he has the same first name as Tom Hanks's cross-dressing character in the '80s TV show Bosom Buddies. I'm sure Mr. Hanks is simply bursting with pride. Brian tells Kip to have a seat and enjoy the show. Brian asks Brad and Bob how they're going to sell the really ugly shoe. Brad -- or Bob -- says that they'll do it the same way they sold the ugly raincoat last year: use models to take the attention off of the product. Brian snipes that they're not selling the face, they're trying to sell the shoe. Brian asks Kip what he thinks. Kip says he likes it, only...Bob and Brad are like, "'Only'?" Kip continues, "Why try and hide what the product is?" Brian tells him to go on. Kip picks up the shoe and says, "I'd just photograph the shoe. With maybe a thought bubble, like, 'I'm not hip. I'm a classic.'" Bob -- or Brad -- brushes him off and asks Brian if they can continue. Brian replies that no, no, they may not. He asks Kip how long he's been at the agency. Kip says that he's been there two months. Brian notes that Brad and Bob have been there two years, and tells Kip, "Draw it up." Kip's astounded. "Me?!" he squeaks. "Him?!" Brad and Bob squeak. Brian confirms it, and tells him, "The boys will help you out. Won't you, boys?" Bob and Brad grimace.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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