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First off, I'd like to give mighty props to Phillips Magnavox, the makers of my combo TV/VCR. As we all know, Sunday was the first day of Daylight Savings Time, and guess who forgot to check that the timer? Hmm? And guess who remembered at 9:45, except it was really 10:15 because my dashboard clock was wrong and she was thirty minutes away from home at the time? Uh huh. Fortunately, my TV/VCR wonder box automatically updated the time. My business? Theirs forever. End of story. Except to say that Daylight Savings Time works my ass, every single time.

So, Jennifer Beals is back. Good for her. Finally figured out her tie-in, too -- last year, she starred in a A House Divided, an original production by Showtime. She played a post-Civil War Southern Belle who finds out that her mother's actually a slave. D'oh! Talk about your coming-out stories! Insert your favorite Thomas Jefferson joke here.

Open on Justin in the shower. Brian's shower. Justin stayed over at Brian's, I guess. I don't know. Theirs seems to be a very loosely defined relationship, and I tire of questioning it. Justin walks out into the bedroom area and peers into the living room. Lindsay's all dressed up, twittering about, giving Brian directions about taking care of Gus. Gus is placidly lying in Brian's arms, drinking from a bottle. Lindsay tells Brian that Gus takes a nap at eleven, and another one at three. Justin says that that sounds nice, and it really, really does, doesn't it? Lindsay gives Brian a list of emergency numbers and tells Brian to be sure, when he takes Gus outside, to put on his little beanie cap so that Gus's head doesn't get cold. This baby does not look like last week's Gus. Who is this child? He/ she/ it is not nearly as cute. No one else seems to notice that the Gus I've come to know and love has been replaced by an uglier, less animated impostor. Justin, getting dressed for school, asks whether either of them has seen his other shoe. Brian's sitting on it and, tossing it to the boy, snerks, "I knew it wasn't one of my usual rubber toys." Lindsay, exasperated, asks whether Brian is even listening. Brian rolls his eyes and tells her that he's got it, and "Gus" will be fine. Lindsay sighs that she knows, and that she appreciates Brian's taking care of him for the weekend. Since the unfortunate incident with TLFKAM and the Sapphic Slut, Lindsay had to go back to work early, and must attend a teacher's conference of some kind. Brian snickers that maybe she'll meet a "nice lady P.E. teacher." And does a weird, gross, flippy thing with his tongue. Thanks for the visual. Justin tells Lindsay not to worry: "I'll keep an eye on him, too." Brian says that he doesn't need the help. Justin smirks that he meant he'd keep an eye on Brian, actually. Lindsay flutters around some more with papers and briefcases and firmly ignores them. Brian pointedly replies, "I'm his father; I'm not going to fuck it up." Lindsay just looks worried, worried, worried. Brian sits "Gus" on his knee and asks him, "Would you please tell them to give me some credit?" Lindsay says that she is, which is why she's leaving the baby with him in the first place. Whoever this baby is. Brian retorts that the only reason she's leaving "Gus" with him is because TLFKAM is in Miami visiting her mother and won't be back until Sunday. Another loosely defined relationship. These make me nervous. Lindsay gives Brian the main conference number. Brian reassures her that they'll be fine. Jiggling "Gus" on his knee, he grins, "Are you ready to spend the weekend with your old man, sonny boy?" "Gus" looks like he couldn't come up with a lively expression to save his/ her/ its life. I want my old baby back.

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