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The Scott Lowell Interview, Part I

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"You Have to Take the Good Stuff Along With the Things That People Say, Like, 'Oh, I Close My Eyes When He Takes His Clothes Off'"
One of our posters, ShadowyMoon, is also the webmaster for Scott Lowell's fan site. She emailed me a few weeks ago to ask if I wanted to interview Scott, and I can't thank her enough for setting this all in motion. Scott and I finally agreed to talk at around 2 PM EST last Saturday. On Friday he sent me an email saying that his Thursday shoot lasted until 6 AM freakin' Friday morning, and he was on call again at 2:30 AM Saturday, and would I mind very much if we pushed the call back to 3 PM so he could get some sleep? Would I mind pushing it back by an hour? Uh, no. Camper: Well, thank you so much for agreeing to this. Scott Lowell: Absolutely. C: I can't believe your schedule! SL: Well, this is pretty rare. It hasn't been quite so bad in quite a while. I don't know what happened this week [laughs]. We got a little behind. C: Are you guys finishing up the season, or...? SL: Not 'til April. C: Oh, okay. SL:Yeah, this is...uh, yesterday, today, whenever it was [laughs]. This morning? C: It's Sa-tur-day! SL: Thank you. That was the end of episode fourteen. So we have six more to go. C: I can't remember...we have a spoiler thread on the boards, but I can't remember what happens in fourteen. Would you like to tell me? SL: In episode fourteen? C: [Laughing] Yes. SL: Oh, no! I ain't giving you nuthin'! C: So, you finished working Thursday...I'm sorry, Friday at five in the morning, and then you got called in again at six this morning? SL: Yeah, what ended up happening was...yeah, we wrapped our Thursday night wrap at six in the morning. And we were shooting outside in the Jeep, Brian's Jeep -- C: Which, I might add, is very popular here in West Hollywood. SL: Is it really? C: Oh, my God, yes. SL: Actually, when I'm in L.A., I live near Fairfax and Sunset. C: Oh, really? And you haven't noticed that phenomenon? SL: I haven't noticed that, no. C: Maybe it's just my neighborhood. I'm over at Melrose and La Cienega. ["Which means that I live in West Hollywood, and Scott lives in Hollywood-Hollywood. There's a slight but notable difference. Just in case you weren't aware, West Hollywood is known for its uh, um...gayness." -- Camper] SL: Oh, okay. And they're everywhere?

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